Scooters, Mopeds, Etc... in Maine

Motor scooters and mopeds are more than just fun to drive. They save gas and make it easy to get around in quiet neighborhoods or congested city streets. Sleeker designs and new colors make these vehicles popular with young and old. You can even buy trendy accessories for your scooter or moped.

But you also need to follow the rules of the road and learn to drive safely. Most states regulate the use of scooters and mopeds. Maine is no exception.

Most of the laws and suggestions boil down to common sense:

  • You can drive a moped or motor scooter on most public roads but not on interstate highways.
  • You cannot ride your scooter or moped anywhere that a bicycle is prohibited.
  • You are encouraged to wear a helmet, although it is not the law.

If police catch you driving recklessly or violating any of these traffic rules, you may be fined or your scooter can be impounded.

Operating Motor Scooters

If you have a valid license of any class, you can drive a motor scooter in Maine. You are not required to have a motorcycle license or moped license. Motor scooters do not need to be registered or inspected either.

Maine defines a motor scooter as having 2 or 3 wheels with wheels less than 10 inches in diameter. The gas-powered motor must be less than 25 cc. If the scooter has an electric motor, it cannot exceed 750 watts.

If you want to learn more about these vehicles, check out Scooters 101.

Operating Mopeds

You must be at least 16 years old to drive a moped and hold a valid driver license of any class. Maine even offers a special moped license. Some drivers choose to get a moped license if they do not already hold a driver's license.

Maine defines mopeds as motorized vehicles with 2 or 3 wheels that are 10 inches or larger in diameter. Mopeds can have electric motors under 1,500 watts or liquid fuel motors that do not exceed 50 cc. Mopeds are automatic and should not require shifting. They also can have foot pedals.

Note that mopeds are not assisted mobility devices or motorized bicycles.

Mopeds do not need to be inspected. But you must register your moped, just like you do other vehicles. The fee is $9.

Getting Your Moped License or Permit

If you don't have a driver license, or do but choose to get a moped license anyway, you will need to pass a written exam to get your moped license but you do not need to take a driver education course.

First time drivers who are at least 16 years old may get a moped learner permit, which is good for 2 years. The fee is $10 for the permit and the first road test. It costs $5 for a subsequent exam.

You need to complete an application to schedule an appointment to get your moped license or learner permit. Your parent or guardian will need to co-sign the application, if you are a minor.

You also need to include proof of identification.

Mail the completed application, your forms of ID, and a check payable to the Secretary of State to the following address:

  • Secretary of State
  • Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • Examination Section
  • 29 State House Station
  • Augusta, ME 04333

You will receive a return notice in the mail with the time and date of your exam. BBB Business Review