Motorcycle Manual in Maine

SUMMARY: Maine Motorcycle Manual

Some of the topics you'll encounter in the Maine motorcycle include becoming familiar with the gear and controls for your bike, and the rules of the road specific to motorcycle riders, and how to get a motorcycle license in the state of Maine.

The Maine Motorcycle Operator Manual (REV 2011), available from the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), details basically everything you need to know about riding a motorcycle safely and legally on Maine roadways.

Gear and Controls

Similar to driving a car, before you ever ride a motorcycle, you need to be familiar with its controls for safe operation. And one very important aspect to keep in mind is there is literally nothing between you and the pavement, except for your bike.

The manual will discuss these controls in detail, including:

  • What you should look for while approaching your motorcycle.
  • What you should check while sitting on your bike prior to riding it.

In addition, choosing the right gear to wear is just as important as being familiar with the operation of your motorcycle.

The motorcycle manual will help you:

  • Select the right helmet.
  • Understand the importance of proper eye and face protection.
  • Wear the proper attire.

Riding Your Motorcycle

The manual will also teach you about the many things unique to riding a motorcycle.

These topics include but are not limited to:

  • Body position.
  • Being seen.
  • Staying out of blind spots.
  • Head checks.
  • Lane sharing.

Getting a Motorcycle License

The ME motorcycle handbook will detail the steps you'll need to take to get your motorcycle license. You'll learn the details of the required exams, which include:

  • A written knowledge test.
  • An on-cycle road skills exam.

For more information, please refer to our Applying for a Motorcycle License in Maine page.

Motorcycle Practice Tests

As mentioned above, you'll need to take a written knowledge exam in order to get your ME motorcycle license.

This exam will test you on the information found in the motorcycle manual. And while the manual is a great place to start, it can be hard to dig through all of the information and test yourself on the key information.

A motorcycle practice test will allow you to do just that and will give you the practice and confidence you need to ace your exam on the first attempt.

You can find more information on our Practice Tests in Maine page.

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