Replacing a Lost Title in Maryland

Replacing a Lost Title in Maryland

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) is responsible for issuing all new and duplicate titles.

If your title has been lost, stolen, damaged or mutilated, you'll need to obtain another copy of your title in case you decide to register your vehicle in another state or sell it. You can find more information about transferring a title at our Title Transfers page.

Continue reading to learn exactly what steps you need to take to obtain a replacement copy of your MD vehicle title.

Applying for a Duplicate Title

You can obtain a copy of your MD certificate of title online, by mail or in person at a local Maryland MVA office.

The easiest way to replace a lost title is through MVA's online service. You can always go to your local MVA office, but as always, be prepared for the wait.


You'll need the following materials to apply for a replacement title online:

  • Vehicle title number.
  • License plate number, if applicable.
  • Payment for the $20 replacement fee.
    • You can use VISA, MasterCard, or check (MVA doesn't accept money orders or travelers checks for online payment).

Keep in mind that your replacement title will display lienholder information as well as void all titles previously associated with your vehicle.

By Mail & In Person

To submit a request for your duplicate title by mail or in person, you'll need:

  • A completed Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title (Form VR-018).
    • The form must be signed by all owners.
  • Your damaged/mutilated title, if applicable.
  • Submit a copy of your driver's license or ID card.
  • Payment for the $20 duplicate title fee.

You can visit your local MVA office or mail to the address on the form.

The Maryland MVA will send the title by mail next business day to the address on file.

Changed Your Address Recently?

After moving, the MVA will not have your current address on file. As a result, you'll want to change your address before applying for a replacement title. The same goes for any other corrections like name changes. In other words, update records with the MD MVA first, and then apply for your duplicate title.

If you've already completed online transactions with MVA online before, you can use your PIN to request that MVA send your replacement title to a different address. A PIN is the "personal identification number" that MVA associates with your online identity. If you've forgotten your PIN, you'll need to reset it.

Can Someone Apply On My Behalf?

Under specific circumstances, you can appoint someone to obtain the duplicate title for the vehicle you own. The MVA will send the replacement title directly to the vehicle owner. He or she will be required to provide identification and at least 1 document from the following list:

  • Letter of administration.
  • Death certificate.
  • Trustee appointment order.
  • Power of attorney.

Never Received Your Title?

If your original or duplicate title never made it to your address, you can submit a completed Certification of Non-Receipt of Original/Duplicate Title Certificate (Form VR-091) by mail to the Maryland MVA.

A title will be issued at no charge.

Note: If someone asks to see your title number, chances are they are referring to your vehicle identification number (VIN).

If you made a request for a title within the past 90 days, you can submit the Certification of Non-Receipt of Original/Duplicate Title Certificate (Form VR-091) for review by supervision. Charges may apply. If you wait longer than 90 days, you will have to apply for a duplicate title (see above) and pay the $20 duplicate title fee.


Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title
Request a duplicate Maryland title from the MVA.
Certification of Non-Receipt of Original/Duplicate Title Certificate
Mail this form to the MD Motor Vehicle Administration if your original or duplicate vehicle title never arrived. Not available online. Must be obtained in person.
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