Replacing a Lost License in Maryland


Losing or damaging your Maryland driver's license or ID means losing a way to prove your identity; having it stolen means you're at risk for identity theft.

Help prevent these problems by quickly applying for a replacement driver's license with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA).

Upgrading to a REAL ID

If you wish to replace a non-compliant license with a REAL ID-compliant license, follow the steps for a first-time license application.

Report Your Lost or Stolen MD Driver's License or ID

Maryland only requires you report a stolen driver's license, learner's permit, or ID. You don't have to file a report if you lost it, or if it became damaged or destroyed.

To report your lost Maryland driver's license, you must:

  • File a police report in the jurisdiction in which your license was stolen. Obtain a copy of the report before leaving the office.
  • Contact the MVA's Executive Customer Ombudsman:
    • (800) 950-1682
  • Provide the ombudsman with:
    • Your name.
    • The police report number and jurisdiction.
    • The MVA office at which you want to apply for your duplicate MD driver's license, permit, or ID.

You will apply for your duplicate license at that MVA office – NOT over the phone or via email with ombudsman. The ombudsman will tell you which documents you must bring to the MVA office. See “Replace Your Lost or Stolen MD License" below for documents and steps to take.

Replace Your Lost or Stolen MD Driver's License

REAL ID Licenses & Replacement

If you want to replace your standard license with a REAL ID-compliant license, you'll need to so do in person and follow the steps for a first-time REAL ID application. Jump over to our license application guide for details.

Maryland will replace lost or stolen:

  • Regular learner's permits, provisional licenses, full driver's licenses, and temporary licenses.
  • Commercial learner's permits and full commercial driver's licenses (CDL).
  • Moped licenses and permits.
  • Identification (ID) cards.

You must apply for Maryland driver's license replacement at a self-service kiosk at your local MVA office or online on the Maryland MVA website. To apply, be prepared to:

  • Report your license if it's been stolen. See above for instructions.
  • Enter your driver's license or permit number.
  • Provide your date of birth.
  • Provide your Social Security Number or your Maryland MVA PIN.
  • Pay the replacement fee.

Under certain circumstances, you may be required to visit the MVA in person and:

  • Gather the following documents*:
    • Proof of identity. Use the same documents you used when you first applied for your MD driver's license or ID. Maryland provides a list of acceptable documents, but a few common examples include:
      • Original birth certificates or certified copies.
      • Valid, non-expired U.S. passports.
      • Certificate of Naturalization, Form N-550 or N-570 issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
  • 2 documents to prove residency, IF you have a new address. You can choose from the state’s list of documents, which includes:
    • Your Maryland vehicle registration or title.
    • Utility bills (e.g. telephone and/or cable bills).
    • Proof of home ownership or rental agreement.
  • Bring a parent or legal guardian to the MVA office if you're younger than 18 years old.
  • Bring payment for the applicable fee (see “Maryland Replacement Driver's License Fees" below).

*NOTE: Applicants for replacement CDLs have additional paperwork. See our section on replacing a CDL below.

When Will I Get My Duplicate MD Driver's License or ID?

If you've applied for a replacement Maryland driver's license or permit, you will receive it in the mail; it will include all the same information as your original document, including the same expiration date.

If you've applied for a replacement Maryland ID card, the MVA will send it to you through the mail UNLESS you provide:

  • The original, damaged document.
  • Proof that you're traveling outside of Maryland within fewer than 20 days from the date you're applying for a replacement. Proof can include airline tickets, cruise tickets, and hotel reservations.
  • Proof that you have a test date scheduled for fewer than 20 days from the date you're applying for a replacement. Acceptable test dates include school-, law-, and government-related tests that require Maryland ID, such as GED tests, SAT tests, and drug tests.

Damaged or Destroyed MD Driver's License

If your MD driver's license or ID was damaged or destroyed and you still have it, you must follow the steps above to apply for a duplicate.

Maryland Replacement Driver's License Fees

When you apply for a replacement driver's license or ID in Maryland, be prepared to pay the following fees:

  • Driver's license: $20.
  • Learner's permit: $20.
  • CDL: $20.
  • CDL permit: $20.
  • Moped license: $20.
  • Photo ID: $20; free if you're 65 years old or older or have a major disability that limits your activities.

Out-of-State or Overseas License Replacement

Replacing a MD license while out of the state, out of the country, or overseas takes a little more time.

To apply for a duplicate MD driver's license:

  • Contact the MVA's Absent from State Unit at any of the following contacts:
    • Customer Service Center phone: (410) 768-7000.
    • Fax: (410) 424-3050.
    • Email:
  • Provide information about your situation (lost or stolen driver's license or permit; your current location; etc.).
  • The Customer Service Center (CSC) agent will explain your options and notify the MVA's Absent from State Unit, which will mail you the duplicate application packet with instructions and forms.
  • Read all the instructions and complete all applicable sections on the forms.
  • Check that you've signed everywhere you're required.
  • Mail the packet and fee to the address listed.
    • See above for fee requirements. Your application will list acceptable payment options.

Once the Absent from State Unit receives your application packet, an agent will review your information and verify your eligibility. They will then mail your replacement license to your out-of-state address.

Contact an agent at the phone number listed above if you don't receive the license within a few weeks, depending on your location.

Requesting a Temporary Maryland Driver's License

You can obtain a temporary, noncommercial driver's license while out of state if you'll be back in Maryland in fewer than 45 days and one of the following scenarios applies to you:

  • Your original MD driver's license was lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Your license will expire before you return to the state.
  • You need to make corrections to your license before you return.

To apply for a temporary MD driver's license, you must provide in a letter your:

  • Full name AND date of birth.
  • Driver's license number OR Soundex. (See the state'sSoundex Coding System for reference.)
  • Permanent Maryland address AND current out-of-state address. P.O. Boxes aren't accepted.
  • Out-of-state phone number.
  • Reason for requesting the temporary license. See above for eligible options.
  • Signature and date.

You can fax the letter to the MVA's Absent from State Unit at (410) 424-3050, email it to, or mail the hard copy to:

Absent from State Unit
Driver Services Division
6601 Ritchie Highway, NE
Glen Burnie, MD 21062

When the Unit receives your request, an agent will determine if you're eligible and, if so, mail your temporary license to the out-of-state address you provided.

MD Driver's License Replacement for Military Members

Active military personnel and their dependents can apply for duplicate MD driver's licenses (which are called absentee driver licenses) by:

  • Calling the MVA at (410) 768-7000 to request an application.
  • Possibly providing Proof of Active Duty Status. This requirement is up to the MVA. Proof could include official orders, a certified letter from your commanding officer, etc.
  • Completing the application and mailing it along with applicable fees to the address on the application.
  • See above for fee requirements.
  • Your application will list acceptable payment options.

Additionally, if you're going to be out of the state or country, you can request a temporary driver's license. Simply fax a written request to (410) 424-3050. It must include your:

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Out-of-state OR out-of-country address.
  • Phone number.
  • Signature.

If approved, you will receive a temporary license valid for 45 days.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen CDL in Maryland

You'll apply for a replacement CDL or CDL permit the same way as you'd apply for any other duplicate license (in state or out of state), but you must also provide your:

  • Medical Examiner's Certificate (DOT card).
  • OR
  • Exemption/Waiver (if applicable).

Learn more about medical certifications and waivers at our page on Applying for a CDL in Maryland.

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