DMV Practice Tests in Maryland

SUMMARY: DMV Practice Tests in Maryland

Practice tests help you prepare for your driver's license exam, whether you're getting a learner's permit or commercial license. Other preparation materials are also available, including online prep courses and study guides.

Read below for more information about Maryland DMV practice tests.

Types of Practice Tests

Several practice tests are available to help you prepare for the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) written knowledge exam.

Practice tests are available online and can be taken repeatedly for ongoing review.

Whether you are getting your learner's permit or a motorcycle license, you'll find a practice test suited to your individual needs:

  • Learner's permit practice tests for teen drivers applying for a driving permit.
    • Review everything you learned in Driver's Ed before you take the test!
  • Driver's license practice tests for new adult drivers.
    • Whether you've never had a driver's license before or your out-of-state license is expired, you'll need to pass the written test to get your MD driver's license.
  • Road signs practice tests for extra review of sign identification.
    • Make sure you know your school crossing sign from your pedestrian crossing sign!
  • Examen de practica para la licencia for Spanish speakers.
    • The MD MVA offers tests in Spanish and several other languages.
  • Motorcycle license practice tests if you're getting a motorcycle license or endorsement.
  • Commercial driver license (CDL) practice tests for commercial drivers.
    • Get started on your commercial driving career by practicing for the basic CDL test.
  • CDL endorsements practice tests for specific CDL classes and endorsements.
    • Study and review the rules and regulations relevant to certain commercial vehicles and CDL classes.

You'll choose a set of questions, and these will be used to generate countless different practice tests.

The more questions you have, the more variety your practice tests will have. Like the real test, you'll never be sure just which questions you'll be asked.

Other Maryland Study Resources

Practice tests are a great way to see if you're ready for the Maryland MVA test. If you find you're not ready, there are several other tools that may help, including:

  • Online test prep courses: Usually about an hour long, these courses review Maryland traffic laws and other key concepts in video format.
  • Printable study guides: Concise guides packed full of information give you a comprehensive review of Maryland traffic laws, safe driving techniques, and signs.

About the MD Knowledge Test

The MD MVA has several different knowledge tests based on the type of license you're applying for.

The standard non-commercial, Class C test has 25 questions. It is normally given on computer and you'll have 20 minutes to complete it.

You must score at least 85% to pass the test. A passing score is valid for 6 months.

Sample Test Questions

NOTE: Questions on the written test are based on information found in the MD MVA Driver's Manual.

1) When should you use your headlights?

a) When you cannot see at least 100 feet in front of you.
b) When you cannot see at least 500 feet in front of you.
c) When you cannot see at least 1,000 feet in front of you.

2) What does a slow moving vehicle emblem indicate?

a) The vehicle goes no more than 25 MPH.
b) The vehicle goes no more than 15 mph.
c) The vehicle goes no more than 10 mph.

3) Who can use hands-free devices when driving?

a) All drivers, regardless of age.
b) Only drivers at least 18 years old.
c) Only drivers at least 21 years old.

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