Other Vehicle Registrations in Maryland

SUMMARY: How to Register Your Special Vehicle in Maryland

For certain vehicle types, including custom-built cars and RVs or motorhomes, your registration requirements or fees will be different than what you would do or pay for a standard car or truck. Make sure to have any proof of ownership documents for the vehicle you're trying to register, as well as inspection forms, if required.

Scooters, Mopeds, & Off-Highway Vehicles

Maryland requires that off-road vehicles such as ATVs and snowmobiles, as well as vehicles such as mopeds and scooters, are titled and have a decal.

If you purchased the vehicle from a dealer, typically the dealership will handle the titling and decal request for you. 

However, if you purchased from a private party, you can request a title and decal online as long as:

  • You have a current driver's license or ID card on file with the Maryland MVA. 
  • The vehicle has a valid VIN OR serial number and PIN number OR you can provide your Social Security number or individual tax identification number (ITIN).

You can also request a vehicle title and decal at a title service office, where you will need to provide:

  • Acceptable proof of ownership, which could be: 
    • The original Certificate of Origin (if the vehicle is new). 
    • The vehicle's title
    • If you buy a used vehicle without a title, the Certificate of Origin AND bill of sale
    • A completed Affidavit of Ownership Moped, Motor Scooter & Off-Road Vehicle (Form VR-450) if you can't provide any other proof of ownership.
  • A completed: 
  • bill of sale signed by the buyer and seller; a notarized bill of sale will be required if any of the following conditions apply:
    • The vehicle is 7 years old.
    • The purchase price is at least $500 below the vehicle's book value.
    • You, the new owner, want to base the excise tax calculation on the purchase price rather than the book value.
  • Any applicable lien holder/lien release information. 
  • Payment for the:
    • OHV/Snowmobile/Off-highway motorcycle title fee: Call the MVA office ahead of time for details.
    • Moped/Motor scooter title fee: $20.
    • Decal fee: $5.
    • Titling tax: 6% of the vehicle's fair market value; you'll owe at least $38.40.

RVs and Motorhomes

RVs and motorhomes follow the same titling and registration procedures as regular vehicles. However, you should be prepared for a higher registration fee, depending on how much your recreational vehicle weighs.

Registration fees in Maryland are as follows:

  • Passenger cars:
    • 3,700 lbs. and under: $135.
    • Over 3,700 lbs.: $187.
  • Multi-purpose vehicles:
    • 3,700 lbs. and under: $135.
    • Over 3,700 lbs.: $187.

Other fees can be found on the MVA's registration fees page. For steps to register your recreational vehicle, please see our page on Car Registration in Maryland.

Registration for Trailers

If you're looking to tour the scenic beauty of the Maryland landscape with trailer in tow, you may have to register and title it before you can make way. MVA has various requirements for different kinds of trailers.

Office Trailers and Mobile Homes

If your office trailer or mobile home doesn't exceed 35 feet in length, you may be exempt from Maryland registration laws.

However, you can title the trailer if you'd like. Currently, all you need to pay is the state retail sales tax.

Submit your receipt with your Application for Certificate of Title (Form VR-005) for a title to a local MVA office.

Homemade Trailers

If you're handy enough to make your own trailer, you can register and title it with Application for Certificate of Title (Form VR-005). You will have to provide photos of the trailer from the side and from the rear. If MVA approves your application, you'll receive a vehicle identification number (VIN) for the trailer.

Boat, Camping, Tent, or Travel Trailers

These types of trailers are golden tickets to the wonderful world of camping. You must obtain a title for them by submitting an Application for Certificate of Title (Form VR-005) with all required documents listed on the form.

You can obtain a new registration for your trailer when you complete the Maryland title application. These types of trailers are governed by the same laws as class A passenger vehicles.

You may be required to complete an Application for New Plates/Stickers (Form VR-008).

If your trailer is used, it will require a safety inspection to register it.

For more information, please contact the Maryland MVA.

Freight and Semi-Freight Trailers

These hefty trailers may be bigger, but this doesn't make them exempt from titling requirements. In addition to submitting a Application for Certificate of Title (Form VR-005), you'll have to provide proof that the trailer meets motor vehicle liability insurance.

If you're not sure if your trailer meets minimum requirements, call a Maryland approved insurance company to double check.

Custom-Built Cars

Registering your custom-built car is the same as registering a regular vehicle in Maryland. You will first however, need to apply for a certificate of title. To do this, bring the following to a Maryland MVA office:

  • A completed Application for Certificate of Title (Form VR-005).
  • Receipts for all parts used.
  • Proof that you own the frame.
  • A safety inspection certificate.
  • A completed Application for Assigned Vehicle Identification Number (available at the MVA office), if applicable.

Once you have your certificate of title, you can register your car following the steps on our Maryland Vehicle Registration page.


Affidavit of Ownership Moped/Motor Scooter/Off Road Vehicle
Use this MVA form to prove ownership of a motor scooter, moped, snowmobile, OR off-road vehicle if you want to title in your name AND the current title is unavailable.
Application for Certificate of Title
Apply for a MD vehicle title through the Motor Vehicle Administration.
Application for New Plates/Stickers
MVA application for new Maryland license plates and/or stickers, transfer of license plates, OR registration for a non-titled trailer.
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