Organ Donation in Maryland

Organ Donation in Maryland

The Infinite Legacy of Maryland administers organ donation registration in the state.

Organ donation is a powerful gift. With a single person, 8 people can be saved and the lives of up to 50 people enhanced through organ and tissue donation. Approximately 4,000 people in Maryland are on organ transplant waiting lists; there are over 103,000 people waiting for organs nationwide. Organ donation does not interfere with funeral arrangement.

A growing number of people are currently on a rather lengthy list, patiently holding out hope for a chance at life. A single donor organ, eye, or tissue can prolong the lives of several people, and aid in the health of many more.

Register as an Organ Donor

Anyone who is 18 years old or older can register as an organ donor. If you are less than 18 years old, your parents or guardians will have to give written consent. You are never too old to become a donor as there are no upper-age limits.

Your driver's license or state ID number is used to create a unique entry for you in Maryland's organ donor list. You'll be asked to supply this number when you sign up online.

You are not responsible for any fees when you sign up to be an organ donor. In addition, your family or estate will not be charged if your organs are donated. The Infinite Legacy pays for all donation-related costs.

Be sure to discuss your decision with your family so there won't be any confusion about this matter.


To register as an organ donor online, simply visit:

  • The Maryland Donor Registry website.
  • to add your name to a national donor database.

By Mail

If you prefer, you can obtain an organ donor form and sent it by mail.

To request that a registration form be sent by mail or e-mail, contact Donate Life Maryland.

In Person

You can become a donor when you need to apply for or renew your license. Your wishes will be noted in the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) database.

When you visit the Motor Vehicle Administration office to get or renew a state ID or driver's license, the customer service agent will ask you to read and answer questions about organ donation choices. When you say yes to becoming a donor, your license or ID card will display a heart symbol that indicates your choice.

Update/Change Your Organ Donation Status

Anytime you go to the MD MVA to renew your license or ID, you can also update your organ donor profile.

You can also change your information online with Donate Life Maryland, or update your registration nationally through

How You Can Help With Organ Donation

  • Your financial contributions help Donate Life Maryland spread organ donation facts and dispel the myths that can keep people from opting to donate. Donations are tax-deductible. You can donate online or make a check out to Donate Life Maryland and mail it to:
    • Donate Life Maryland
    • 1730 Twin Springs Road
    • Baltimore, MD 21227
  • If you shop online at Amazon, you can use Donate Life Maryland's AmazonSmile link when you shop. Amazon will contribute a portion of the price of your participating purchases.
  • To help raise awareness of organ donation among your friends and family, like and share social media content from Donate Life Maryland. You can find links to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube channels on their Support page.
  • The Infinite Legacy needs volunteers to share their time. You can help by speaking at public events, helping out in the office and working in the booths at health fairs.
  • Living organ donation is a chance to help save a life during your own life. Lobes of organs can be used for lung transplants and liver transplants. You can also offer kidney transplants, since each person needs just one kidney to live a healthy life.
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