Motorcycle Manual in Maryland

SUMMARY: Motorcycle Manual in Maryland

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) provides the MVA Motorcycle Operator Manual (Form DL-001) to help you get ready to take the written motorcycle exam and ride safely on MD roads.

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Maryland Motorcycle Operator Manual

With the help of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), the Maryland MVA has prepared the Motorcycle Operator Manual (Form DL-001) to give you the knowledge and skills to operate a motorcycle properly.

What's in the Maryland Motorcycle Manual?

The MD motorcycle manual contains details about the rules of the road in Maryland, motorcycle written and skills tests, and motorcycle safety and handling. Other subjects includes:

  • MD motorcycle licensing requirements.
  • Driver's education.
  • Motorcycle equipment.
  • Animals and flying objects.
  • Group riding.
  • Intersections.
  • Braking and turning.

MD MVA Written Motorcycle Exam

To obtain your MD motorcycle license, you'll need to pass a written motorcycle exam consisting of 25 questions (multiple choice). The answers to these questions can be found within the Motorcycle Operator Manual (Form DL-001).

To prepare yourself to pass the MD written exam on the first try, you may want to consider taking an online motorcycle practice test.

NOTE: You'll also need to pass a skills test to be eligible for a Maryland motorcycle license. See the handbook for more information.

Free Motorcycle Practice Test Questions

Are you ready to take the written test? If not, you may want to answer the questions below. You may also want to pass a full Maryland DMV motorcycle practice test before heading to the DMV office to take your written exam.

NOTE: Study the motorcycle handbook to prepare for your written test.

Sample Maryland Motorcycle Test Question #1

If you encounter an aggressive driver:

a) Pull over and try to resolve the issue face-to-face.
b) Let the driver pass you and get out of the way.
c) Speed up.
d) Slow down.

(Answer: b)

Sample Maryland Motorcycle Test Question #2

As per the MD motorcycle manual, when you are being passed by another vehicle, you should:

a) Steer closer toward the passing lane.
b) Stay in the center portion of your lane.
c) Accelerate.
d) Slow down.

(Answer: b)

Sample Maryland Motorcycle Test Question #3

While riding your motorcycle, be sure to watch out for:

a) Hazardous road conditions.
b) Oncoming traffic that may turn left in front of you.
c) Approaching traffic from the left, right and behind.
d) All of the above.

(Answer: d)

For more practice test questions, see Maryland Motorcycle Practice Tests.

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