Lost Traffic Ticket in Maryland

After receiving a traffic ticket in Maryland, you have 30 days to respond before the court will start taking actions to have your driver's license suspended. Responding to the ticket can be difficult if you have lost the ticket.

You can find lost traffic ticket information by contacting the appropriate traffic court or conducting a traffic ticket search online

Generally, district courts handle traffic tickets in Maryland; you'll deal with the district court in the county where you received your traffic citation.

Contact the Court

Of course, you must know where you received your citation in order to contact the presiding court, so:

  • If YOU KNOW where you received your MD traffic ticket, simply contact the court and gather all the details about your citation.
    • See “MD Traffic Ticket Details" below.
  • If YOU DON'T KNOW where you received the citation, finding the court will be a process of elimination, meaning you might have to contact a few courts before you find the right one. Answers to the following questions could refresh your memory:
    • Where were you heading when the officer pulled you over?
    • Did you receive the ticket in the morning, evening, or at night?
    • Were there any passengers with you? Do they remember where you were?

Online Searches

Alternatively, you can look up information about your lost traffic ticket using the state's online case records search. Be prepared to enter your first and last names; the system guides you through the rest of the applicable search options (i.e. case type, court, county, etc.).

NOTE: Make sure the system provides you will all of the important traffic ticket details; if it doesn't, consider contacting your traffic court directly—as explained above—to search for your ticket.

Complete the Citation Option Form

Once you find your MD traffic ticket information using the case records search, you must complete the Lost or Missing Citation Option Form (Form DR-049O) This form requires specific information (such as your name and contact information, and the citation number), and allows you to:

  • Mail your traffic ticket fine.
    • If you want to plead “guilty" and just pay your fine.
  • Request a waiver hearing.
    • If you admit you're “guilty" but want a chance to explain the circumstances.
  • Request a trial.
    • If you want to plead “not guilty" and fight your ticket in court.

You can mail your completed form to the address listed on the form.

MD Traffic Ticket Details

Once you know which traffic court is handling your citation, or when you search online, make sure you get the following details about your traffic ticket:

  • Any required court appearance.
    • Your violation might require a court appearance, rather than a simple plea of “guilty" (and paying) or “not guilty" (and scheduling a hearing).
    • Find out where you must appear, as well as the date and time.
  • Specific details such as the exact violation and the citation number.
    • This information will help you pay your fine or prepare your case if you choose to schedule a hearing.
  • All payment information.
    • You need to know the exact fine amount as well as where and how you can pay.

Your MD Traffic Ticket Plea

Unless your violation requires you to appear in court, generally you can plead “guilty" and pay your fine (or schedule a waiver hearing) or plead “not guilty" and challenge your ticket in court.

Before making a decision, refer to our Pay Traffic Ticket and Fight Traffic Ticket sections for details about these options.


Lost or Missing Citation Option Form
Use this form to request a waiver hearing OR trial for a violation you lost the citation (ticket) for.
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