MVA Driver Handbook in Maryland

SUMMARY: Maryland Driver's Manuals

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) provides various online driving manuals to help you become a safe driver. These include the MD driver's manual, commercial driver's license manual, and motorcycle operator handbook. If you're interested in vehicle and traffic laws, view the Maryland Vehicle Code.

A DMV handbook introduces you to the laws, regulations, and safe driving recommendations that you need to know as a driver in Maryland.

Whether you're new to the state or getting your first license, the driving manual is an important resource for preparing for your written driver's license test.

Continue reading this page to find links to the driver's manuals and DMV handbooks offered in Maryland.

NOTE: Hard copies of the driver's handbooks may be available at MD MVA offices. Contact the Maryland MVA directly for more information.

Maryland Driver's Manual

The Maryland MVA's Driver's Manual (Form DL-002) is designed to help you get ready for the driver's license exam and learn how to drive safely.

The driving manual is available in multiple languages. Also available is an online video taking you through a typical road test.

In the MD driver's manual, you'll find information about:

  • Signals, signs, and pavement markings.
  • Defensive driving,
  • Driving in different weather conditions.
  • Traffic violations and penalties.

The DMV handbook also explains how to get a driver's license, including driving test requirements.

You should study the Maryland MVA driving manual carefully since the written test is based on it.

Don't Forget an Online Practice Test!

In addition to studying the Maryland driver's handbook, we suggest preparing for the written exam with an online practice test. These helpful study guides will help you pass the test on your first attempt by giving you the option to use it as a real-time quiz or a study guide. Our certified partner offers comprehensive practice tests for most of Maryland's driver's manuals and license types.

Motorcycle Operator Manual in MD

If you're applying for a motorcycle license in Maryland, check out the Maryland Motorcycle Operator Manual (Form DL-001). The DMV handbook covers safe operation of motorcycles and trikes.

Subjects in the motorcycle driver's manual include:

  • Motorcycle equipment.
  • Carrying passengers and cargo.
  • Riding in a group.
  • How to avoid collisions.

The driving manual also explains:

  • Motorcycle safety courses.
  • What to expect in your skills test.

You should study the MD motorcycle driver's handbook to prepare for your written license test.

For more help with passing your Maryland MVA exam, you can take a motorcycle practice test online.

NOTE: If you're new to Maryland or you're getting your first license, you should also read the driving manual to learn more about the state's general traffic laws.

Commercial Driver's License Manual

Be sure to read the Maryland Commercial Driver License Manual (Form DL-151) if you're applying for a commercial driver's license (CDL) in MD.

The commercial driving manual includes information about:

The driver's manual amendment is a list of updates to the DMV handbook.

The driving manual for CDLs covers all of the information you need to learn to pass the written knowledge test.

To help you prepare for the test, the driving manual also includes a series of sample questions similar to those that may appear on the Maryland exam. For more commercial driver's handbook study questions, take an online CDL practice test.

NOTE: If you need to prepare for school bus skills testing, be to read through the School Bus Endorsement Study Guide (Section 10) (REV 2004).

Maryland Vehicle Code

If you're interested in learning more about the laws governing vehicle titling and registration, driver's licensing, and traffic safety in Maryland, read through state's Vehicle Code (see “Transportation").

The Vehicle Code is more detailed than MD driver's handbooks. This additional details can be helpful if you need to understand a particular law or penalty that isn't completely explained in the DMV handbook.

If you've received a traffic ticket recently, the MD Vehicle Code can help you understand why you have been charged, and if applicable, help you fight your ticket. For more information on how to respond to a citation, visit our Traffic Tickets in Maryland page.

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