Salesperson License in Maryland

Before You Begin

Take note of these important points before you begin the motor vehicle salesperson application process in Maryland:

  • You must have a current, valid salesperson license to sell vehicles in Maryland.
  • If you sell vehicles without a license, your dealer risks a fine or suspension or revocation or his or her own license.
  • You can't begin the application process on your own. A dealer must hire you first, and he or she will handle most of the process as well as submit the application.
  • If you're going to sell vehicles for the same dealer at different locations, the dealer must submit supplemental requests.
  • If you already have a salesperson license, you may want to find out how to transfer the license or terminate the license.

The Salesperson License Application Process

Once the dealer agrees to hire you, he or she will contact the Business Licensing and Consumer Services Division (BL&CS) and request the following documents:

After the forms are completed and submitted to the BL&CS, you and your dealer wait for approval. It will arrive in the form of an authorization document called the New License Application-Authorization for Photo Vehicle Sales License.

Your dealer will give you this document, and you will head to your local Maryland MVA office with it and the fee to get your photo salesperson's license.

Salesperson License Fee

The salesperson license fee is $202.50 for 3 years.

Application Deadline

There is no application deadline for vehicle salesperson licenses.

Waiting Period and Temporary Permit

There is no average waiting period for a salesperson license, and there is no temporary permit.

Renewing Your Maryland Salesperson License

The process to renew your Maryland salesperson license is similar to the initial application process.

60 days before your license expires, the BL&CS will send your dealer a renewal authorization form. Your dealer will sign off on it, and you'll take it and the $202.50 fee to your local MVA office for another photo salesperson's license.

Obtaining a Duplicate or Corrected Maryland Salesperson License

As is the case with original and renewal licenses, your dealer will handle duplicate licenses and corrected licenses for you.

Your dealer will request and submit the same forms necessary during the initial application process, and you'll need to go to your local MD MVA office for another photo salesperson's license. Duplicate or corrected licenses cost $20.

Where You Can Find More Information

Visit the following pages from DMV.ORG and the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, to find additional information about dealers and salespersons:


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