Applying for Special Plates in Maryland

SUMMARY: Apply for a Specialty Maryland License Plate

In Maryland, applying for special registration plates can be done online (limited), by mail, or in person. However, applying for military plates can only be done in person or by mail. Application for organizational plates must be completed through the plate's corresponding organization. Renewing specialty plates is part of your vehicle's registration renewal. Substitute plates can be ordered if your plates are lost, stolen, or damaged. Fees for specialty plates vary.

Several specialty license plates are available through the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). The application process for specialty plates varies depending on the type of plate.

Applying for Special Registration Plates in MD

Types of special registration plates include:

  • Standard issue.
  • Disability plates.*
  • Amateur Radio Operator.
  • Personalized.
  • Chesapeake Bay.
  • Agricultural.

While a select few of the above plates can be ordered online, all can be ordered in person or by mail.

* Application for disability plates requires additional steps, including obtaining certification from a medical professional. Visit our page on Disability Plates and Placards in Maryland to learn more about applying for disability plates.


You can order Chesapeake Bay and Agricultural plates by visiting the MVA Order New Plate page.

To order personalized plates, visit the MVA's online store Personalized Plate page.

To use the MVA store, you will need the following:

  • Current title number.
  • Current tag number.
  • Payment information. For check payments, you need:
    • Bank routing number.
    • Checking account number.
  • Driver's license number.
  • Date of birth.
  • E-mail address.
  • Phone number.

Once on the online order page, follow the instructions to complete your order.

NOTE: Your address must be current, as the MVA does not forward mail. If you need to change your address, you should do so before applying for your plate.

In Person & By Mail

You can apply for special registration plates by visiting your local MVA full service branch with the following:

If you wish to apply by mail, send all of the above to the address listed on the application.

Applying for Military Plates

To apply for a military-related plate, you will need to submit the following to the MVA:

  • Application for Military Related License Plates (Form VR-120).
  • One of the following forms of proof of service:
    • Discharge papers (Form DD-214).
    • Medal Certification.
    • Written letter from National Personnel Records Center.
  • Payment for the fee.

You can submit the above by mail to the address listed on the application OR in person to the Glen Burnie Full Service Office.

Applying for Organizational Plates in MD

Several organizational plates are available in Maryland.

To apply for an organizational plate, you must obtain an application from the organization tied to your desired plate.

Renewing MD Specialty License Plates

Your specialty license plates are renewed as part of your vehicle registration renewal. You may be required to pay a plate renewal fee on top of your registration renewal fee.

To learn more about renewing your registration, visit our page on Registration Renewal in Maryland.

Substitute Plates in MD

If your specialty plates are lost, stolen, or damaged, submit the following to the Motor Vehicle Administration to obtain substitute plates:

NOTE: You should always report stolen plates to the police to prevent identity theft.

Fees for MD Specialty Plates

The following are fees associated with Maryland specialty plates:

  • Chesapeake Bay and Agriculture:
    • Application: $20.
    • Renewal: $10.
  • Organizational (non-logo): $15.
  • Organizational (logo): $25.
  • Amateur Radio Operator: $5 per year.
  • Military: $25.
  • Personalized: $50 annual fee.
    • Does not include specialty plate fees (if applicable).


Application for Military Related License Plates
The MD Motor Vehicle Administration's application for military license plates.
Application for Special Registration Plates
Apply for specialized AND/OR vanity MD license plates with the Motor Vehicle Administration.
Application for Substitute Plates/Stickers/Duplicate Registration
Request substitute Maryland license plates and/or stickers, decals for a moped, motor scooter, or off-road vehicle, OR a replacement registration card from the MVA.
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