Replacing a Lost Title in Massachusetts

Replacing a Lost Title in Massachusetts

Documents can disappear during moving or renovation projects; a leaky roof can destroy entire files; and sometimes, things just get misplaced. No matter what happened to the original document, you will need a replacement title if you wish to sell your vehicle or use it as collateral on a loan. The state of Massachusetts has a simple process in place to make it easy to get the documents you need.

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles processes all new and replacement titles.

Applying for a Duplicate MA Title

You can apply for a duplicate title online, by mail or in person at your local MA RMV office.

Make sure that the address that the RMV has is current; they will only mail a duplicate title to the address on record.


NOTE: In order to get a duplicate title online you will need to provide the car's VIN number, your driver's license number, and the current odometer reading.

By Mail or In Person

You'll need to download and complete the Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title (Form T20558) to get your title replacement process started.

You can submit your completed application in person at your local Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) office or mail it to:

Registry of Motor Vehicles
Title Division
P.O. Box 55885
Boston, MA 02205

On the application, you'll need to complete the odometer section, which certifies the current odometer reading.

It will take up to 10 business days after your application is received to process and deliver the title.

Divorce, Marriage, or Death?

In the case of a death, you will need an affidavit of surviving spouse, a court order or a copy of the letter of administration as well as the death certificate.

For a change of ownership involving a divorce, bring a court order and divorce decree. In the case of a marriage, bring the marriage certificate.


If there's a lien on your vehicle, check with the lienholder to see if they have the title. If they do not have it, you will need a letter from them stating that your loan is paid in full. The duplicate title will not be given to you unless the vehicle is paid off.


The fee for a replacement title is $25 and payable by check or money order to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

You can pay the fee online via credit card or e-check. In person or by mail, you will need to pay by check or money order.

Making Corrections on Your Title

You can update your vehicle's mileage on the second page of the paper application. If you need to change the name that appears on a title due to a death or divorce, attach documents such as a court order.

Change Your Address

To change your address, you will need to visit the MA RMV online change-of-address system and supply your:

  • Massachusetts driver's license number.
  • Date of birth.
  • First and last name.
  • The last four digits of your Social Security number.

There is no fee to change your address with the state, but there is a $25 fee for the new title that reflects your updated address.


Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title
Request a replacement MA certificate of title from the RMV.
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