Replacing a Lost License in Massachusetts

Replacing a Lost Driver's License in Massachusetts

A lost Massachusetts driver's license, permit, or identification (ID) card means you can't legally drive, you've lost a main source of photo identification, and you're possibly at risk for identity theft.

Replace your lost license with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) as soon as possible.

Upgrading to a REAL ID

If you wish to replace a non-compliant license with a REAL ID-compliant license, follow the steps for a first-time license application.

Report Your Lost or Stolen MA Driver License, Permit, or ID

The RMV takes identity theft seriously and recommends completing and submitting a Request for Activity Hold Add/Remove (Form T21857).

With this form, you'll report:

  • Your driver's license, permit, or ID number.
    • Contact your local RMV for this information if you don't have it.
  • Your Social Security number.
  • Whether your license was lost or stolen.
    • If stolen, indicate whether you know who took it, including that person's name and address.
  • Whether someone has completed an RMV transaction using your license or ID.
  • Contact information the RMV can use to notify you if an application is made for a driver's license or ID card in the future.

Submit this form to your local RMV. Once processed, you'll receive notification from Enforcement Services.

Note that an activity hold means the RMV will conduct no more license or ID transactions. You will be required to contact Enforcement Services at (857) 368-9500 to perform and license or ID transactions.

Replace Your Massachusetts License, Permit or ID

You can replace a lost Massachusetts license or ID card online, by phone or in person, as long as your license is not suspended, revoked, or canceled. Permits can ONLY be replaced in person.

REAL ID-compliant Licenses & Replacement

If you wish to replace your driver's license with a REAL ID-compliant driver's license (and the RMV recommends you do so!), you'll need to do so in person and follow the steps for applying for a REAL ID. Jump over to our license application guide for details.


You must apply for a duplicate learner's permit in person at the RMV.
You should bring:

If you are under 18 years old you may also need a Alternative Residency Affidavit (Form LIC111) if the RMV does not have your identity, residency, and Social Security number information on file. Form LIC111 requires your parent or guardian's signature to be notarized or signed in front of a RMV representative at the RMV. Your parent or guardian will also be required to show the notary public or the RMV representative a Massachusetts License/ID with the same address as the applicant. 

By Phone

You may be able to request a duplicate license or ID by calling:

  • (857) 368-8000 (Area codes 339, 617, 781, 857)
  • (800) 858-3926

NOTE: If you're within 2 years of your license expiration, you can renew your license instead of replacing it. Find out how at our Renewing Your License in Massachusetts page.


Before beginning your request for a duplicate Massachusetts license or ID online, be prepared to:

  • Enter your:
    •  Last name and date of birth.
    • Your driver's license number OR last 4 digits of your SSN.
    • Email address.
  • Pay the applicable fee with a valid credit or debit card. Fees are as follows:
    • Duplicate license: $25.
    • Duplicate ID card: $25.
  • Receive a receipt in your email.
    • You'll print this receipt and use it as your temporary license until your permanent replacement arrives.

To apply for a duplicate license or ID online:

  • Visit the state's Replace your license online page.
  • Choose which kind of replacement you need (license or ID card) and follow the instructions exactly.
    • During the initial questionnaire, the system will determine whether you're eligible to apply online. If you're not, you'll be instructed on how to download, print, and complete a hard copy application (see below).

The RMV will mail your permanent replacement license within 10 days.

In Person

To apply for a duplicate license or ID card in person, visit your local RMV office and provide:

  • A completed Driver’s License, Learner’s Permit or ID Card Application (Form LIC100).
    • Mark whether you need a replacement license or ID.
    • You must complete Section C and G, regardless of which license type you need.
    • Complete Section E if you have any change of information
    • Have your parent or legal guardian complete Section H if you're under 18 years old.

If you have not provided the RMV with all of the required identity, lawful presence, and residency documents required after 3/26/18 you will need to also bring:

  • 1 document proving MA residency, such as:
    • Any RMV issued document.
    • Mortgage, lease or rental documents dated within 60 days.
    • Federal/state/municipal documents such as first class mail.
    • A credit card, bank statement, utility bill, or medical statement dated within 60 days.
    • NOTE: IF you want a to replace a standard license with a REAL ID license, you MUST present 2 documents from this category. REAL ID is required if you want to use this document after May 7, 2025 to access:
      • Domestic flights.
      • Federal facilities.
      • Military bases.
  • 1 document proving your Social Security number (SSN). All 9 digits of your SSN MUST appear on the document, which can include a:
    • Social Security card.
    • W-2 form.
  • Cash, a check, money order, or a valid credit or debit card to cover the applicable fee:
    • Duplicate license: $25.
    • Duplicate ID card: $25.

You should receive a temporary license immediately.

Out-of-State or Military License Replacement

Active duty members of the military, their spouse, or dependents who need a replacement license will have to request one by mail. Send a letter to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and state if your driver's license was stolen or lost and include a photocopy of your military identification. Mail the letter and photocopy to:

  • Driver Licensing
  • P.O. Box 55889
  • Boston, MA 02205

Military personnel or their dependents are issued a replacement license for free.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen CDL in MA

You can replace your lost or stolen commercial driver license (CDL) online or in person, using the processes outlined above.

When applying online, be sure to check “Commercial Driver's License" on the state's Online Services page.

When applying in person, use the state's Application for Issuance for a Class A, B, or C Commercial Driver's License (CDL) (Form LIC104). All other steps outlined in “Replace Your Lost or Stolen MA License, Permit, or ID" above apply to CDL holders.

Duplicate HazMat certificates cost $10; however, replacement CDL costs vary depending on endorsements. Call your local RMV for details.


Request for Activity Hold Add/Remove
Request the RMV to put an activity hold on your Massachusetts driver's License OR state ID if it has been lost or stolen.
Driver’s License, Learner’s Permit or ID Card Application
RMV application for an original, renewal, replacement OR corrected Class D driver's license, Class M license, learner's permit, OR MA state ID card.
CDL Application
Application for an original, renewal, transfer, duplicate, OR corrected MA commercial driver's license
Alternative Residency Affidavit
Use this form to signify Massachusetts residency if you're a minor. Must be signed by your parent/legal guardian and notarized, or signed in-person at the RMV.
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