DMV Practice Tests in Massachusetts

SUMMARY: DMV Practice Tests in Massachusetts

There are many ways to prepare for the written permit or driver's license test. Practice tests, prep courses, and study guides can help you learn and review the test material. Preparing can save you time and money by helping you pass the exam the first time.

Keep reading for more details about DMV practice tests in Massachusetts.

Study Resources in Massachusetts

You can prepare to take the Massachusetts written knowledge test several ways:

The methods you use are up to you. Your learning style, your test-taking experience, and preparedness may influence your decision.

Online Practice Tests

Online practice tests are a great choice for many people.

Practice tests can help you:

  • Decide if you're prepared or how much more you need to study based on your practice test scores.
  • Give you the opportunity to learn and review the material.
  • Show you the topics you need more help with.

The following practice tests are available:

  • Learner's permit practice tests if you're a teen driver applying for a learner's permit.
  • Driver's license practice tests if you're an adult driver getting your MA license.
  • Road signs practice tests if you need more practice recognizing signs.
  • Examen de practica para la licencia if you want to prepare for your exam in Spanish.
  • Motorcycle license practice tests if you're getting a motorcycle license or endorsement.
  • Commercial driver license (CDL) practice tests if you're taking the commercial driving test.
  • CDL endorsements practice tests if you're taking specific CDL endorsement exams.

A set of questions is used to create nearly unlimited practice tests.

Prep Courses & Study Guides

In addition to practice tests, you'll find online test prep courses and study guides that can jumpstart or enhance your written test preparation.

Both methods give you a new and different way to study the test material:

  • Online Test Prep Courses are about an hour long and review traffic laws and regulations in Massachusetts.
    • Great for new residents, first-time applicants, and anyone else who needs review.
  • Printable Study Guides are concise study notes and practice test questions in one.
    • Perfect for studying on the go, quick review, and learning specific facts.

If you don't feel ready to try the practice test or you didn't do as well as you expected, consider using a test prep course or study guide to boost your preparation.

About the Written Knowledge Test

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) offers a driver's license exam as well as different written tests for motorcycle licenses and CDLs.

The driver's license exam is:

  • $30 to take.
  • 25 questions long.
  • Made up of multiple-choice questions.
  • Limited to 25 minutes.

You must get 18 questions correct in order to pass the MA RMV written test.

Most people will take the exam on a computer. Tests are offered in several languages and special formats to accommodate language and cognitive needs.

NOTE: You CANNOT make an appointment for a learner's permit exam. However, tests in special formats may need to be arranged ahead of time.

Passing for Failing the MA Written Test

If you pass the written test by answering at least 18 questions correctly, you'll be issued the permit or driver's license you applied for (as long as you pass any other required tests).

If you fail the test, you WILL NOT receive your permit or driver's license. To retake the test, you'll pay the $30 test fee again.

Save yourself time and money! Make sure you're prepared for the MA RMV written test by using practice tests and other study materials.

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