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Massachusetts Lemon Law

Massachusetts has a strong lemon law, with components for both new and used vehicles, as well as a Lemon-Aid program, which aids consumers whose new vehicle doesn't pass state Inspection within the first 7 days after purchase. Basically, the new car portion of the law provides for a mediation process if the new car proves to have unrepairable defects. The used car portion requires dealers to meet basic standards for any car sold.

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    Massachusetts Consumer Rights for Car Buyers

    Massachusetts has initiated the following rights for car buyers:
    I. Used Car Warranty Law
    The Massachusetts Used Car Warranty Law, M.G.L. c. 90, s. 7N ¼ protects consumers who have problems with a used vehicle they purchased.
    You Have A Right To A Refund If:
    (a) A defect that impairs the safety or use of a vehicle that arose during the warranty period, AND
    (b) A defect continued to exist or recurred during the warranty period following either:
    1. 3 repair attempts or more for the same defect, or
    2. being out of service after being returned for repair of a defect for a cumulative total of over 15 business days.
    The defect must arise during the 30 day, 60 day, or 90 day warranty period stated on your warranty. The warranty period is extended 1 day for each day that your car is in the shop for repairs. Your warranty is extended for 30 days from the completion of a repair attempt for any defect that was the subject of the repair attempt.
    If a dealer does not issue a refund after these standards have been met, you have a right to have your case viewed by a state-certified arbitrator. You must request state certified arbitration within a certain period of time from the original delivery of the vehicle to you. You must apply within 6 months for a used vehicle and within 18 months for a new vehicle. 
    II. Lemon Aid Law
    If a vehicle fails inspection within 7 days, and it would cost more than 10% of the purchase price to repair, you are entitled to a full refund once the vehicle is returned to the dealer within 30 days. See the separate Lemon Aid Law notice.
    III. Implied Warranty Law
    An implied warranty of merchantability is a guarantee provided by law in the sale of all consumer products, including automobiles. This law states your vehicle should function properly for a reasonable period of time. If said vehicle does not, the dealer must fix it at no cost to you. (Note: The statute does not define reasonable period of time.)
    It is illegal to sell a car “WITH ALL FAULTS”, “AS IS”, or with a “50/50 WARRANTY”.
    If you have any additional questions you may contact the Office of the Attorney General at (617) 727-8400.
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