Vehicle Code in Massachusetts

Motor Vehicle Code in Massachusetts

The procedures of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) and the regulations affecting your driver's license, vehicle, and privilege to drive are all spelled out in the Massachusetts statutes.

If you are looking for information about the circumstances surrounding a recent traffic ticket or the regulations around your vehicle, the Massachusetts statutes can be a helpful place to turn.

On this page you'll find information about accessing the code, some links to common topics within the code, and links to topics related to traffic violation.

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Laws

Massachusetts has its entire set of general laws available online. So, what does that mean to you?

Like any unabridged state laws, the Massachusetts motor vehicle laws can be confusing and difficult to read, if you are not an attorney. However, if you ever need them, you're going to be happy they are so easy to find.

When might you need access to Massachusetts motor vehicle and traffic laws? If you've been accused of a motor vehicle violation and you want to see if there are grounds to dispute it, you can search for applicable laws.

Remember, with the state's points system, there are going to be hundreds, even thousands of dollars at stake for convictions. Even for for violations as minor as speeding or running a stop sign.

Also, the laws could be handy if you're curious about what your car insurance company must do for you in the event of an accident.

While the Massachusetts code can serve as a great wealth of knowledge, if you are looking for specific legal advice or help, you should consider contacting an attorney.

Here's the full chapter broken up by subject:

Check Your MA Driver's License Status

Whenever you need or want to check the status of your Massachusetts driver's license, you can order a driving record report. This record will spell out if your driver's license is currently valid. Should your license have been revoked or suspended, the report will indicate that according to what's on record with the MA RMV. This report will also show points against your driver's license and, in some cases, information on any accidents you have had.

Remember, too many minor traffic violations and certain major offenses can not only lead to license suspensions, but they can also cause fines, restrictions and MA RMV reinstatement requirements.

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