Salvaged Vehicles in Louisiana

A salvaged car might seem like a big loss, but the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) provides you with a few options for dealing with the vehicle. You might be able to rebuild the vehicle and hit the road again, or at least make a buck or two off of it.

What Is a Salvaged Car in Louisiana?

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles considers your car salvaged—or a “total loss”—if it’s damaged so badly that it would cost 75% or more of the vehicle’s fair market value to restore it to a safe and legally operable condition.

Once your insurance company declares your vehicle a total loss, you have 30 days from the insurance claim settlement to apply for a salvaged title IF you decide to keep the car.

LA Salvage Vehicle Options 

After your car insurance company declares your car a salvage, you’ll then need to choose between accepting a full OR partial settlement. Although insurance companies (and even individual insurance policies) vary regarding total loss settlement agreements, usually you can expect the following:

  • Full settlement: Going forward, your insurance company is responsible for the vehicle and pays you damages.
  • Partial settlement: You keep your salvaged car and receive any partial damages your insurance policy provides. Your options going forward include:

If you have questions regarding your initial options with a salvaged vehicle in Louisiana, speak with your insurance company and/or contact your local OMV office branch.

How to Get a Louisiana Salvage Title

To apply for a LA salvaged title with the Office of Motor Vehicles, you must submit:

  • A completed Vehicle Application (Form DPSMV 1799) with “Salvage Title” written on the front.
    • Make sure to fill out the disclosure of salvaged vehicle section.
  • The car’s properly assigned title or manufacturer’s statement of origin also with “Salvage Title” written on the face of the document.
  • A copy of the proof of loss from your insurance company.
  • A Security agreement OR a Uniform Commercial Code (UCC-1) financing statement, if you're recording a lien.
  • Appropriate form of payment for the applicable fees:
    • Salvage title: $68.50 (an additional $18 for titles purchased from public license tag agents).
    • Recording a lien with:
      • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC-1) financing statement: $15.00.
      • Any other type of lien document: $10.

You can submit the documents and fees in person at your local OMV office OR by mail to:

Office of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 64886
Baton Rouge, LA 70896

If you need help completing any part of your LA salvage title application, give your local OMV agency a call.

LA Reconstructed Car Title & Registration

Now that you have a salvaged title, you might choose to apply for a reconstructed title and registration.

After you (or a rebuilder) have repaired your vehicle to safe and legal operating standards, you can apply for a reconstructed title by submitting the following to the OMV: 

  • Your Louisiana salvaged title.
  • A completed:
  • The vehicle’s bill of sale (if applicable).
  • A list of parts reconstructed/replaced; for each major component part line item you must include the:
    • Vehicle identification number(s) from any vehicle(s) from which the part(s) were taken.
    • Name and contact information of the person from whom you purchased the parts.
    • Date you purchased each part.
  • Bills of sale from all major component parts used to rebuild the vehicle.
    • If you don’t have a bill of sale or receipt, submit a notarized affidavit.
    • These bills of sale must include the same major component part information you provided on the list of parts.
  • All applicable fees and taxes. Because fees can vary, contact your local OMV.

LA Rebuilt Vehicle Inspections

As mentioned above, you must include an Affidavit of Physical Inspection with your application for a rebuilt title. 

Your vehicle must be inspected by a full-time law enforcement officer who is certified to inspect motor vehicles by the Louisiana State Police (LSP). Contact the LSP troop nearest to you to set up an inspection appointment.

The inspector will:

  • Check your vehicle’s identification number.
  • Potentially check VIN information about the major component parts used to rebuild the vehicle.
    • This is at random and done to make sure details you provided on your application are correct.

Remember, this is a major component inspection and not a safety inspection. The OMV will advise you on whether your reconstructed car needs a safety inspection.

Once your vehicle passes, the inspector will give you a completed Affidavit of Physical Inspection. Provide this and all other required documents to the OMV and you’ll receive a new car title marked “reconstructed.”


Financing Statement
Submit to the LA Office of Motor Vehicles to add a lien to a vehicle title you're applying for. Not available online. Must be obtained from the company providing the lien.
DPSMV 1799
Vehicle Application
Office of Motor Vehicles application for a Louisiana vehicle title and registration.
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