Replacing a Lost Registration in Louisiana

For an expedited duplicate registration, you can use a 3rd party for an additional fee. See below for more details.

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Duplicate License Plates and Vehicle Registrations in Louisiana

Your vehicle's registration card, registration stickers, and license plates prove that your vehicle is legally allowed to be driven on Louisiana roads. Fortunately, it's a fairly simple process to request replacements from the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) if necessary.

If any of your registration documents or license plates are lost, stolen, or damaged, you should request a replacement to avoid possible fines, tickets, and vehicle impoundment.

On this page you'll find an overview of how you can request duplicate registration cards, license plates, and registration stickers.

If you need specific information about your lost registration or license plates, please contact the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV).

NOTE: If you have reason to believe that your vehicle registration, license plates, or registration stickers were stolen, you should contact your local law enforcement agency to file a police report and then request a replacement with the LA OMV.

Replacing a Registration Card in Louisiana

If your vehicle registration card is missing or damaged beyond recognition, you should request a replacement through the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) as soon as you can.

For your convenience, the OMV offers drivers three different ways to obtain a duplicate registration card.

For most replacement requests, you'll typically need to provide the Louisiana OMV with information such as:

  • Your name as it appears on your registration.
  • Your address as it appears on your registration.
  • The description of your vehicle and its vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Your license plate number.

To replace your vehicle registration card, you can either:

  • Visit the Louisiana OMV website and complete the online duplicate registration request form.
  • Go to your local LA OMV office in person.
  • Mail a written request with your name, address, license plate number, vehicle identification number (VIN), proof of insurance, and vehicle make and model to:
      Office of Motor Vehicles
      P.O. Box 64886
      Baton Rouge, LA 70896

The standard fee for requesting a duplicate registration card is $12, although some locations may require an additional service charge. Acceptable payment methods include:

  • Cash (if paying at a Louisiana OMV office).
  • Check (if it includes your LA driver's license number).
  • Money order.
  • Cashier's check.

LA License Plates & Registration Stickers

If you need to request replacement license plates or tags for your vehicle, you can do this by visiting your local Louisiana OMV with a copy of your current registration certificate. You will be asked to complete a short form before receiving your new plates.

The standard charge for lost license plates is $10 plus an $8 handling fee.

However, if you renewed your registration by mail and did not receive your registration stickers or new plates, you may request replacements within 60 days to receive a replacement free of charge.

NOTE: If you have reason to believe that your registration stickers or license plates were stolen rather than simply lost, the Louisiana OMV encourages you to file a report with local law enforcement officials after receiving your replacements. If you fail to file a police report and someone is caught driving with your stolen license plates, you may be contacted by law enforcement and have to get involved in a criminal investigation.

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