Organ Donation in Louisiana

Organ Donation in Louisiana

The Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA) manages the organ donor registry in Louisiana called Donate Life Louisiana.

In the U.S., there are currently over 106,000 people on the organ donor waiting list. Approximately 17 people die or become too sick to receive an organ transplant each day.

When you register as an organ donor in Louisiana, you are giving the gift of life to someone in need upon your death. Please register today, and spread the word!

Register as an Organ Donor

There are no age limitations on who can participate in the organ donation program in Louisiana. Parental consent is only required for minors; in which case, parents are able to make the decision about whether or not the child's organs will be donated.

Once you register, you should discuss your wishes to donate with your family. Louisiana is a first-person consent registry state, which means that your decision about donating is legally binding. Therefore, it is important for you to discuss your wishes with your family to ensure they understand.

NOTE: The online system will prompt you to provide your Social Security number and driver's license number at the time of registering to be an organ donor.


To register as an organ donor online, you may:

  • Visit the Louisiana Organ and Tissue Donor Registry website.
  • Utilize's national registry database to have your registration follow you from state to state.

In Person

You can register to become an organ donor in person at your local LA OMV office.

Simply indicate your desire to become an organ donor while you are applying for your license or renewing your driver's license. For more details about driver's licenses, please visit our Driver's License & ID Card section.

Update/Change Your Organ Donation Status

You can change or update your organ donor profile online anytime at the Donate Life website, through, or in person when you renew your driver's license.

How You Can Help With Organ Donation

Whether you decide to be an organ donor, you can help support organ donation throughout the state and country via LOPA.

Some of the available opportunities include:

Additional Organ Donation Info

Louisiana stresses the importance of discussing your organ donor decision with your family members, so that there won't be any confusion at the time of your death.

There are no fees for signing up to be an organ donor. Your family is not responsible for paying any medical costs related to organ donation. In the event of your death, the organ transplant program pays for all donation expenses.

Furthermore, organ removal will not interfere with funeral and burial arrangements, nor will it disfigure your body. For more information, please visit our Organ Donation Myths page.

Family Support & Other Resources

LOPA offers Family Services to provide for the needs of the loved ones who have lost their loved one and have donated organs. A variety of resources are available through this organization for any person involved in the process.

Contact LOPA for more information about organ donation in Louisiana.

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