License Plates & Placards in Louisiana

SUMMARY: Louisiana License Plates

Register your vehicle in person to apply for license plates in Louisiana. You can renew your tags online, by mail, or in person. In some cases you can transfer your license plates to the person who buys your car. You'll need to order replacement plates or decals if yours are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Read below for information about Louisiana license plates and tags.

Interested in specialty plates? See our Specialty Plate Types page for complete details.

Eligible for disabled parking? Learn more on our Disability Plates page, including how to apply.

Types of Louisiana License Plates

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) requires that all passenger vehicles have a license plate.

Your license plate must have a decal that shows when the tag expires. The decal is issued when you register your vehicle and renew your registration.

The standard LA license plate is white with blue lettering. The state name appears at the top in red letters.

Specialty Plates

The LA OMV issues several types of specialty license plates, including:

  • Military honor plates.
  • Collegiate plates.
  • Personalized plates.

To learn more about special license plates and application details, see our page Types of Specialty Plates.

Disabled parking plates are also issued by the OMV. Our Disability Placards and Plates page has complete details.

Temporary Tags

Temporary tags, also called T-Markers, are available when you buy a vehicle so that you can operate it while waiting for your permanent Louisiana license plate.

T-Markers are valid for up to 60 days. The tag must be destroyed when you get your LA license plate or when the T-Marker expires.

You can get a temporary tag from:

  • Your vehicle dealer.
  • The lender that financed your vehicle.
  • Your title company.

Fees for temporary tags vary. Ask your dealer, bank, or title company about their specific fees.

Apply for License Plates

Applying for a Louisiana license plate is part of the vehicle registration process.

You must register a vehicle with the LA OMV if you:

  • Move to the state.
  • Are a Louisiana resident and buy a vehicle.

If you buy your car from a dealership, they'll normally handle the registration process for you.

See our Louisiana Vehicle Registration page for more information about registering a vehicle, including required paperwork and fees.

Renew Your LA Tags

Vehicle tags must be renewed through the LA OMV every 2 years to remain valid.

You can renew your tags and registration:

  • Online.
  • By mail.
  • In person.

When you renew, you'll get a new expiration decal to put on your plate. Put it over the previous decal.

Visit our Registration Renewal page for complete instructions.

Replace Your License Plates

If your LA license plates are damaged, lost, or stolen, you'll need to order replacements in person at a Louisiana OMV branch office.

You'll need:

  • A Vehicle Application (Form DPSMV 1799).
    • Complete the sections relevant to lost, stolen, or damaged tags.
  • Payment for the replacement fees:
    • License plate: $10 PLUS $8 transaction fee.
    • Sticker: $10 PLUS $8 transaction fee.
    • Any registration or renewal fees currently due.

If your plates were stolen, you may also be asked to complete an affidavit or statement regarding the theft.

You can also report the theft to the police, but you aren't required to do so. However, it's a very good way to help protect yourself from identity theft.

You should receive your replacement within 30 days. If you don't, contact your local LA OMV office.

Transfer or Surrender Tags

When you sell your car, you cannot transfer the license plates to the new owner.

You can only transfer license plates if you're selling a truck or trailer.

For more information on license plate transfers, check with your local Louisiana OMV office.

You must surrender your license plates if you cancel your Louisiana car insurance for any reason. To surrender, you will need to take or send:

  • The license plate.
  • A copy of your registration certificate.
  • Your driver's license IF you go in person.

Submit the items above:

You must also surrender your tags if you trade your vehicle.

Fees for Louisiana License Plates

The fees below DO NOT include taxes, service fees, or fees for related transactions that you may need to pay (e.g. title fees).

  • New standard license plate: Fees vary by vehicle value and type. See the OMV plate fee chart for details.
  • License plate renewal: Check your fees online.
  • Replacements:
    • Plate: $10 PLUS $8 transaction fee.
    • Decal: $10 PLUS $8 transaction fee.
  • Transfer fee: $3.


DPSMV 1799
Vehicle Application
Office of Motor Vehicles application for a Louisiana vehicle title and registration.
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