Paperwork When Selling a Car in Louisiana

Paperwork Needed to Sell Your Car in Louisiana

If you're looking to sell your car in Louisiana, the steps are pretty simple. This page is dedicated to giving you a brief understanding of the process and to inform you of the required documents when selling a vehicle in Louisiana. If you have further questions, please refer to this helpful guide.

Selling a Vehicle in Louisiana

To sell your car in Louisiana, give it a thorough once-over to honestly appraise its value and condition. Then you can advertise the car at a fair price to attract buyers.

Seem complicated? It doesn't need to be, especially when you have a solid game plan.

If you agree on a deal with a buyer, you'll need to complete a notice of transfer (see below) of the vehicle and report the sale to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. You must provide the LA OMV with specific details about the sale, including:

  • Your license plate number.
  • The expiration date of your car's registration.
  • Your vehicle identification number (VIN).

For a full list of information necessary for reporting the transfer of ownership for your (former) car to the state, contact the LA OMV.

Keep in mind that the vehicle won't be officially considered sold until the buyer has applied for a certificate of title.

Required Documents

You'll need to complete a Notice of Transfer of Vehicle (Form DPSMV 1697) and an Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form DSPMV 1606) (if required) once you've sold your vehicle in Louisiana. Return these forms to your local Louisiana OMV office.

The Notice of Transfer of Vehicle form includes the basic details of both the car and the actual transaction. The Odometer Disclosure Statement ensures that the seller and the buyer agree on the car's mileage and that the mileage is formally noted. This is needed only if the vehicle is less than 10 years old.

You can also complete the notice of transfer online at the LA OMV website.

Surrender Your LA License Plates

After you're done selling your car in Louisiana, it's time to get rid of those license plates (as long as we're talking about a regular automobile; plates for trucks and trailers can remain on the vehicle and be assumed by the buyer). You can either destroy them yourself or give them back to your local Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles in person or by mail.

If you have specialized license plates, you can typically keep these. Unfortunately, you don't get any kind of refund for a license plate you're canceling if it still has some time left on it before it expires.

Lost or Damaged Louisiana Title

If you're trying to sell your car in Louisiana and you've lost your vehicle title, or if it's been damaged beyond validity, you can obtain a replacement title by applying through the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. You'll need to complete a Vehicle Application (Form DPSMV 1799) with the “Duplicate Title Affidavit" section filled out and notarized. You should include a copy of your registration certificate, if it's available.

You will need to pay the following fees for a duplicate LA car title:

  • $68.50.
  • $8 handling fee (this fee may vary).
  • $18 Public license tag agents max fee (title not obtained through OMV)

Replacing Registration in Louisiana

As with a vehicle title, you can acquire a replacement registration for your car in the event that the original becomes damaged or misplaced. You can complete the application for a duplicate registration certificate online through the Louisiana OMV website, by mail, or by visiting the nearest Office of Motor Vehicles location in person.

You'll need to provide certain details, such as your VIN, license plate number, and the vehicle make/model.

For more information about ordering a replacement registration, visit our Replacing a Lost Registration in Louisiana page.

Forms for Easy Download

Notice of Transfer of Vehicle (Form DPSMV 1697)

Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form DSPMV 1606)

Vehicle Application (Form DPSMV 1799)

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DPSMV 1697
Notice of Transfer of Vehicle
Notify the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles that you've sold, donated, or traded a vehicle and no longer own it.
DSPMV 1606
Odometer Disclosure Statement
Use this OMV form to disclose the number of miles on a vehicle you're transferring ownership of.
DPSMV 1799
Vehicle Application
Office of Motor Vehicles application for a Louisiana vehicle title and registration.
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