DMV Practice Tests in Kentucky

SUMMARY: DMV Practice Tests in Kentucky

You can prepare for your written knowledge test in Kentucky with online practice tests. Various questions are used to generate limitless tests similar to the official exam. Prep courses and study guides offer additional ways to ensure that you pass the exam.

Read below for details about DMV practice tests in Kentucky.

Online Practice Tests in Kentucky

If you're preparing for your Kentucky driver's license test, you may want to take a few online practice tests to make sure you're ready.

Practice tests are a great way to get comfortable with the types of questions that will be on the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet written exam.

Taking practice tests can also help you feel more confident and less nervous when you take the official test.

You must score at least 80% to pass the KTC written test. Are you ready?

Types of Practice Tests

Practice tests offered for a range of Kentucky DMV tests and topics.

Whether you're a teen applying for a permit or a commercial driver getting a new endorsement, you'll find a practice test to help you prepare.

For each type of license, you can get a set of questions. The actual tests themselves are shorter and are made up of questions from the set.

A bigger set of questions means more variety and more extensive coverage of each topic.

KY Prep Courses and Study Guides

You may not feel ready to take a KY DMV practice test, or maybe you've taken one and you're disappointed with the results.

For more preparation and different ways to learn the material from the KY Driver's Manual, you can also use:

  • Online preparation courses: A prep course is about an hour long and uses multimedia to teach you about Kentucky driving regulations.
  • Printable study guides: Study guides are packed full of facts, rules, signs, and other information to help you learn the information you need.

If you like information presented in a visual format, or you're just sick of reading the driver's manual, a prep course or study guide can be a great alternative.

Sample DMV Practice Test Questions

1) Where do good drivers focus their eyes?

a. 10 to 15 seconds ahead.
b. 20 to 25 seconds ahead.
c. 30 to 35 seconds ahead.

2) What is the speed limit in an off-street parking facility if it isn't otherwise posted?

a. 10 MPH.
b. 15 MPH.
c. 20 MPH.

3) What is the safest minimum space cushion to keep between you and the car in front of you?

a. 2.5 seconds.
b. 3 seconds.
c. 4 seconds.

You'll find many more sample questions and review material in practice tests, prep courses, and study guides!

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