Pay Traffic Ticket in Kentucky

SUMMARY: How to Pay a Kentucky Traffic Ticket

Depending on where you committed your violation, you may be able to pay your Kentucky traffic ticket fine online, by mail, or in person. However, you might not be eligible for certain payment options if you're required to appear in court (your traffic ticket will indicate this requirement).

Generally, you can find specific details about your find on your KY traffic ticket or from the appropriate traffic court. We've outlined this information and more for you below.

Pay Your KY Traffic Ticket

Pay Ticket
(Plead Guilty or No Contest)

  • Pay the fine.
  • Accumulate driving record points and risk license suspension or revocation.
  • Pay higher auto insurance rates.
  • Enroll in traffic school to avoid points and satisfy citation (if applicable).

Fight Ticket
(Plead Not Guilty)

  • Request a hearing.
  • Prepare your case, perhaps with legal assistance.
  • Give up any possibility of pleading to lesser charges and penalties.
  • Pay no fees (except any applicable court costs/attorney fees) if found not guilty.
  • Appeal the guilty verdict (if applicable).

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Responding to Your KY Traffic Ticket

Pleading "guilty" and paying your KY traffic ticket fine means you also might:

  • Take on any related penalties, such as driving record points.
  • Receive the option to plead to a lesser offense and get lesser penalties; often a traffic ticket lawyer can help.
  • Prepay your ticket fine and court costs online, by mail, or in person.
  • Get the opportunity to enroll in a state-approved traffic school to satisfy the traffic ticket and prevent a point increase.
  • Qualify for an auto insurance discount (if you enroll in Kentucky traffic school).

CDL Drivers

Usually, CDL holders follow the same basic procedures for pleading "guilty" and paying their fines as drivers with regular licenses; however, CDL holders must also inform:

  • Their employers within 30 days of being found guilty of a traffic citation.
  • The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet after receiving a traffic citation in another state.

For more information about CDL holders and traffic offenses, refer to the Kentucky Commercial Driver License Manual.

How to Pay Your KY Traffic Ticket

Some drivers have the option to pay their traffic ticket fines online; others must pay in person, by mail, or by phone.

Furthermore, some must appear in court at which point they'll find out how they must pay their tickets.

Paying Your Ticket Online

If ALL of the following apply to you, you most likely can prepay your KY traffic ticket fines and court costs online using the state's ePay service:

  • Your KY traffic ticket is marked “Payable" (as opposed to “Court") in the “Court" section. This means you're allowed to prepay your fines and court costs, rather than wait until your court date.
  • You have at least 3 business days before your scheduled court appearance.

You must have your KY traffic ticket on hand, as the system requires you to enter the court date, the county in which you were cited, and the citation control number. The system accepts major credit cards and debit cards, and charges a convenience fee.

You'll need your citation to make an online payment. If you've misplaced yours, head over to our section on Lost KY Traffic Tickets to find out how to retrieve your traffic ticket information.

Other Payment Methods

If you're not eligible to prepay your KY traffic ticket online, you can prepay by mail or in person as long as your traffic ticket is marked “Payable."

KY traffic tickets include specific instructions on how to prepay by mail or in person, including the address and final cost. In Kentucky, traffic tickets also include information about:

  • Payment methods. Generally, you can pay by mail with a certified check or money order, or in person with a certified check, money order, or cash.
  • Time limits. If you're paying by mail, refer to your traffic ticket or call the court to determine how much time you have to submit your ticket payment.

You can search for the appropriate traffic court to find out contact information, hours of operation, and accepted payment methods (especially based on your citation).

Traffic School & Point Reduction

Kentucky drivers can attend a state-approved traffic school to:

  • Avoid accumulating driving record points associated with a KY traffic violation.
  • Reduce driving record points, if they're getting close to a driver's license suspension.

Traffic school is only an option if you haven't already completed a course within the past 12 months, and must be approved by the court. This means you must get permission from the court even if you don't have a current traffic citation in Kentucky. Learn more on our Defensive Driving page.

You can request permission to attend traffic school (in relation to a KY traffic ticket) in person or by mail. Simply mail the following to your court:

  • A written request for traffic school.
  • A copy of your KY traffic ticket.
  • Payment for your court costs.

The court will notify you if you're approved and you'll receive a bill for the school costs.

For more information, contact your court.

Check Your KY Driving Record

It's a good idea to check your driving record after dealing with a KY traffic ticket―especially after completing traffic school―to make sure:

  • Any ticket dismissal agreement for completing traffic school was honored.
    • Make sure the ticket doesn't show up on your driving record.
  • You didn't accumulate any driving record points that you weren't supposed to, based on your offense and whether driving school was supposed to reduce or delete points altogether.
  • You're not dangerously close to license suspension or revocation.

Shop for Better Auto Insurance Rates

KY traffic tickets often lead to hikes in auto insurance rates. After a traffic violation goes on your driving record, talk with your agent about how it might affect your costs. Be sure to mention whether you attended traffic school, as this might qualify you for a discount (or at least prevent an increase).

If you learn your rates will increase, start comparing insurance quotes online to find a better deal.

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