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You must have a license to operate a scooter on Kentucky's public roads. You can apply for a license at your local County Clerk's office.


In the state of Kentucky, a moped is defined as a vehicle that is a motorized bicycle with an automatic transmission, an engine less than 50 ccs, and the capability to rev up to a speed of no more than 30 MPH.

You don't need a moped license if you plan to operate the vehicle on private property only; however, if you plan to ride on streets or highways you'll need to obtain a Kentucky moped license.

You must be at least 16 years old to apply for your moped license. If you already have a driver's or motorcycle license or permit, it will suffice. You won't need a moped license, too.

Apply for your moped license at your local Transportation Cabinet's County Clerk's office.

The application process for a Kentucky moped license is much like that of a driver's permit. You'll complete a driver license application as well as take the written and vision exams.

If you successfully pass your exams, the clerk will issue you a KY moped license. You can keep it until you obtain a motorcycle or driver's license, at which point you'll need to submit your moped license to the Transportation Cabinet's County Clerk's office.

Even with a moped license or regular driver's license, a moped is not allowed on any public highways that have a minimum speed limit above 30 MPH.

More Information

The Kentucky Drivers Manual dives deeper into the laws and procedures regarding motorcycles and other types of bikes and mopeds.

You can also contact your local County Clerk's office with any questions. BBB Business Review