Lost Traffic Ticket in Kentucky

In Kentucky, some drivers are able to search online for lost traffic ticket information; others have better luck contacting the presiding district court directly.

Most of the information below is related to moving violations that result in traffic citations, such as red light tickets and speeding tickets. Some information might be applicable to a lost parking ticket, but check with your county court to make sure.

Find Your Lost Traffic Ticket in KY

Online KY Traffic Ticket Search

The Kentucky court system provides an online system for people to search records by party, case, or citation.

While you can search for your traffic citation using this system, currently you must provide the citation's year, type, and control number; so, because you've lost your KY traffic ticket, this might not be the best option for you.

A better choice might be searching by party. Using this search option, you can search by selecting the “Defendant/Respondent" option and providing your first and last names, driver's license number, and the county where you received the ticket.

Contact the KY Traffic Court

Another way to find lost traffic ticket information is by contacting your presiding traffic court.

Generally, district courts handle traffic violations and, because county circuit court clerks manage district court records, you'll contact the circuit court clerk in the county where you received the violation.

Finding Your Traffic Court

Some drivers know exactly which county in which they received their ticket; others aren't so lucky.

If you don't remember the county, try to remember where and why you were driving that day.

For example:

  • Were you visiting friends or relatives, or taking a quick getaway?
  • Were you on your way home from work, an appointment, or school?
  • Do you remember the city where you received the ticket?

Answering these questions can help you remember which county you were in or, at least, the city.

Lost Traffic Ticket Details

Your KY traffic ticket contains crucial information necessary to respond to your citation on time; failing to respond by the deadline (or make a court appearance, if your violation requires one) can lead to additional penalties.

Once you locate and contact your court, ask about:

  • Your specific violation.
    • Does your violation requires a court appearance? If so, the location, date, and time.
    • What is your citation's year, type, and control and/or citation number? This will help you pay your traffic ticket fine.
  • Your payment options.
    • What is your payment deadline?
    • Are you eligible to pay online or by mail? Do you have to pay in person?
    • What types of payment does your court accept? Cash, checks, and/or major credit cards?

Respond to Your KY Traffic Ticket

As mentioned above, you have a designated time by which you must respond to your KY traffic ticket.

Unless your violation requires a mandatory court appearance, generally you can respond by:

  • Pleading “guilty" and paying your fine outright using one of the payment options your court offers (often, this means skipping a trip to the traffic court altogether).
  • Pleading “not guilty" and notifying the court you want to schedule a hearing.

Learn more about these options at Pay Traffic Ticket and Fight Traffic Ticket.

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