Driving Records in Kentucky

Driving Records in Kentucky

From helping you land a job to factoring into your car insurance rates, your driving record can greatly impact your life. Consequently, it is a great idea to know just what is in your driving record.

Kentucky's Division of Driver Licensing provides you with ways to order and check your 3-year driving record and your complete 5-year driving record.

About Your Kentucky Driving Record

Your KY driving record will show your driving history in the state, particularly any traffic violations and driving restrictions.

You can view either a 3-year record or a 5-year record. Read below to learn what's included in each of these record types.

3-Year Driving Record

Your 3-year driving record includes your:

  • Driver status.
  • License expiration.
  • Driving restrictions.
  • Traffic violations.

The 3-year driving record excludes your:

  • Accident information.
  • Personal information, such as:
    • Address.
    • Gender.
    • Date of birth.
    • Social Security number.

5-Year Driving Records

Your 5-year driving record is only available to you (meaning third parties cannot view/request it). If you need your driver record for another state or country (clearance letter, court use or bar exam) you will need a 5-year record. This 5-year record includes:

  • All items included in a 3-year driving record.
  • All of your personal information.

Who Sees Your Driving Record?

Anyone can see your 3-year Kentucky driving record. This means that employers, insurance companies, courts, or others interested in viewing your report can request it. However, do note that 3-year records do NOT contain your personal information.

Only you can request your 5-year driving record, which shows your personal identifying information.

Ordering Your Kentucky Driving Record

The way in which you'll order your driving record depends on which record you're ordering. See below for more information.

3-Year Driving Record

You can order your 3-year driver record online through the Kentucky Driver History Record System.

You can order your record and/or the records of other drivers (up to 50 records). You'll need to:

  • Provide the driver's:
    • First and last name.
    • Driver's license number.
  • Provide and verify your e-mail address.
  • Pay the $3 fee with a valid credit/debit card, plus a $3 electronic convenience fee.

Your 3-year driving record should be available in a matter of minutes, and will remain available for you to view online for 2 weeks. If you wish to keep these records for longer, you must print them out or save a PDF version. The DHR System allows you to check for scheduled maintenance outages that may prevent you from downloading your record.

If you have any questions about your driving record or how to request a record, please call (502) 564-1257 or send your question electronically to the KY Driver History Records website.

5-Year Driving Record

To order your Kentucky 5-year driving record, you must:

Correcting Errors on Your Kentucky Driving Record

It's important to make sure that your driving record is accurate – mistakes can end up costing you unnecessary fines or higher insurance rates.

If you spot an error on your driving record, contact the Kentucky Division of Driver Licensing at (502) 564-1257. Be sure to provide as much detail as you can, including any proof you may have of the error.

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