Driver License Prep Course in Kentucky

Prepare for the KY Driver's License or Permit Test

Whether you are a first-time driver, a new Kentucky resident or eligible to reinstate your driving privileges, the state wants to be sure you've got the proper knowledge under your belt. In most cases that means passing a written driver's license test at your local DDL office. To ensure you ace the test the first time around, consider taking a driver prep course.

Know What to Study for the Written License Exam

No matter if you live in Bowling Green, Lexington or Louisville, the state motor vehicle agency's written test will cover KY road signs, traffic laws and safe-driving practices. To fully prepare yourself, plan on:

We make it simple to ace your exam. In fact, you can access the above-mentioned study aides from our site. You'll be glad you made the easy effort to prepare.

Take an Online Driver Prep Course

Whether you are short on time or unfamiliar with what the state test covers, an online prep course will quickly and easily get you moving in the right direction. I Drive Safely (IDS) breaks down the following in its state-specific multimedia course:

  • Who may operate a vehicle―state driver licenses, vehicle inspection and safety responsibility
  • Right-of-way―including when to give the right-of-way
  • Signaling―passing, turning, stopping, standing, parking, speed limits and winter driving
  • Defensive driving―including night and freeway driving
  • Aggressive driving and road rage―emergency situations, collisions, if you're stopped by police, safety belts
  • Dangers and affect of alcohol and drugs―laws and perils
  • Traffic signals and traffic signs―including regulatory signs, warning signs, guide signs, construction and maintenance signs and pavement markings, multi-lane highways, stop lines and crosswalks

I Drive Safely also offers online prep courses for commercial drivers and motorcyclists. For more on how to pass the state CDL, motorcycle, learner's permit and driver's license exam in Kentucky, check out all IDS has to offer.

Gather the Proper Driver's License Requirements Before You Test

Before you show up at the KY motor vehicle office to take your written test, be sure you have all the proper documents and fees and that you meet all requirements. You'll also want to find out whether your local branch takes appointments and which forms of payment it accepts. For a full checklist of licensing requirements and more, refer to our section on drivers licensing.

Know When to Take Drivers Education

Under most circumstances, you'll want (and might even be required) to complete a drivers ed course if you are a first-time driver. Kentucky
teens especially must get schooled in road rules, traffic signs and driving safety. Whether drivers ed completion is required, consider taking an additional online prep course to boost your chances of passing the actual state exam. For specifics on your state's driver training requirements, check out our section on drivers licensing.

Pass Your Kentucky Licensing Test

Passing the written driver's license or permit test comes easily to those who are well prepared. Plus, taking a moment to study and take an online prep course will save you time in the long run. Just think, if you pass the driver's license test the first time around, you can immediately take the next steps to getting behind the wheel.

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