Special License Plates in Kansas

SUMMARY: Specialty License Plates in Kansas

Several specialty license plates are available in Kansas, from personalized tags to plates for special groups and causes. You'll need to apply for your specialty license plate in person.

Continue reading this page to learn more about the special license plates available from the Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR).

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Personalized Plates in Kansas

In Kansas, you can have a personalized plate for cars, motorcycles, and trucks weighing up to 20,000 lbs. Antique plates can also be personalized.

Your custom tag number can have letters, numbers, and spaces:

  • Up to 7 characters for car and truck plates.
  • Up to 5 characters for motorcycles plates.
  • Up to 5 characters for disabled plates.

You CANNOT use any symbols.

Before you apply, you can check the availability of a plate number using the KS DOR Personalized Plate Look-up website.

The fees for a personalized license plate are:

For application details, see Apply for Kansas Specialty Plates below.

Specialty Plates for Groups & Causes

The Kansas DOR offers several plates for different organizations and interests, including:

  • Charitable organizations, such as:
    • The Children's Trust Fund.
    • Kansas Breast Cancer Research and Outreach.
  • Special causes or interests, including:
    • In God We Trust.
    • Pet Friendly.
  • Educational institutions, for example:
    • Kansas State University Alumni Association.
    • Wichita State University Alumni Association.
  • Professions, such as:
    • Firefighter.
    • Emergency Medical Services.

In most cases, plates are available ONLY to organization members and/or donors.

You'll find a complete list of specialty plates, eligibility requirements and applications on the KS DOR website.

Application instructions can be found below in Apply for Kansas Specialty Plates.

Fees for Group & Cause Plates

Fees for organization and special interest plates vary.

Most specialty license plates have an application fee AND a renewal fee or required donation.

For example:

  • The Children's Trust Fund license plate: $50 annually.
  • The Kansas State University Alumni Association plate:
    • $45 to order.
    • $50 donation paid annually.

Fees are charged IN ADDITION to standard registration or renewal fees.

Visit the Kansas Department of Revenue website for all specialty plates and their fees.

KS Military License Plates

The KS DOR also offers specialty military license plates to eligible applicants.

License plates are available to:

  • U.S. military veterans:
  • Vietnam veterans.
  • National Guard service members or retirees.
  • Ex prisoners of war.
  • Pearl Harbor survivors.
  • Purple Heart recipients.
  • Congressional Medal of Honor recipients.

To get a specialty military tag in Kansas, your service record must reflect the distinction on the license plate. You will need to show proof of your eligibility, such as your:

  • Discharge papers.
  • Military ID.
  • Certification from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or Department of Defense.

Further details for application can be found at Apply for Kansas Specialty Plates below. For accepted proof of eligibility for each military license plate, see the KS DOR website.

The fee for MOST military tags is the standard vehicle registration fee. Additional fees include:

  • U.S. veteran plate branch of service decal: $2.
  • Purple Heart plate decal: $2.

The Ex-POW plate is free and limited to 1 license plate.

NOTE: You'll find details about Disabled Veteran license plates by visiting our Disability Placards & Plates in Kansas page.

Historic & Custom Vehicle Plates

Several specialty license plate options are available from the Kansas DOR for historic and custom vehicles.

For application details for each of these plate types, please see Apply for Kansas Specialty Plates below.

Antique License Plates

Antique license plates are for vehicles that are:

  • 35 years old or older.
  • Unchanged from their original design, unless changes are for safety requirements.
  • Titled as antique vehicles.

The fee for an antique plate is $45.50. Antique license plates don't expire, but you must pay property tax.

Personalized antique plates are available for an ADDITIONAL $45.50 personalization fee.

Special Interest Plates

Special interest plates are offered for vehicles:

  • Over 20 years old.
  • Not changed from their original specifications, unless changes are for operational or safety needs.

Fees for special interest plates are:

  • $20 to issue the plate, PLUS any applicable registration fees.
  • $26 to renew the plate, PLUS property taxes.

Street Rod Plates

Street rod plates are available for vehicles:

  • Made no later than 1949.
  • That have been modified.
  • Still have their original steel body.

The fees for a street rod plate are:

Apply for Kansas Specialty Plates

Applying for a specialty plate in Kansas requires different forms to standard license plate applications.

Personalized Plate Applications

To a apply for a personalized plate, take the following steps:

Before applying, you can look up your desired message online to see if it's available. While this does not guarantee plate availability, it significantly increases the chances your application will be approved.

The Kansas DOR will notify you when your personalized license plates are ready for pick-up.

Specialty Plate Applications

To apply for a distinctive plate in Kansas, you will need to visit your local KS county treasurer's motor vehicle office.

Before making your trip, check the Kansas DOR website and click on your desired plate to learn about:

  • Any eligibility requirements you must meet.
  • Any additional steps you must take for application.
  • Fees for your specific plate.
    • Fees vary by plate type.

Replace or Transfer Specialty Plates

If your specialty license plate is lost, stolen, or damaged, you order a replacement from the Kansas DOR.

If you are selling or trading your vehicle, you may need to transfer your specialty plate to your next vehicle.


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