Car Inspection in Kansas

SUMMARY: Kansas Vehicle Inspections

The Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR) requires specific vehicles to undergo a Motor Vehicle Examination—or VIN inspection—with the Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP). These inspections especially apply to new residents. Under some circumstances, the DOR will allow out-of-state VIN inspections.

Continue reading to find out whether your vehicle requires a Motor Vehicle Examination, including required fees and documents and how to handle out-of-state inspections.

New Kansas Residents

Once your vehicle has been in Kansas for 90 days or longer, you must apply for your title and registration.

Before titling and registering your vehicle, it must undergo a Motor Vehicle Examination with the Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP). During the inspection, the KHP makes sure your vehicle identification number (VIN) on your vehicle matches the VIN number on your title and/or registration.

KS Car Inspection Requirements

The following vehicles must undergo a Motor Vehicle Examination before they can apply for registration and title:

  • Any vehicle or trailer with an out-of-state or out-of-country title*.
  • Any vehicle or trailer purchased out of state with an out-of-state bill of sale*.
  • Antique vehicles model year 1950 or newer purchased in Kansas with an in-state bill of sale.
  • Any vehicle titled as a non-highway (with no liability insurance) or salvaged vehicle, BUT the owner wants to apply for title and registration for a formerly non-highway or rebuilt salvaged vehicle.
  • Any boat trailer weighing 2,001 lbs. or more that's never been titled in Kansas.

* These vehicles are required to undergo the Motor Vehicle Examination regardless of age.

Completing a Kansas VIN Inspection

To complete a Motor Vehicle Examination in Kansas, simply contact your KHP location and inquire about the best days and/or times to come in for an inspection.

Required fees and paperwork include:

  • $20 inspection fee.
  • Possible vehicle title and registration paperwork (call ahead).
  • Form MVE-1:
    • The KHP provides this form. You'll receive a pink receipt upon inspection completion.

Once your inspection is complete, bring the pink receipt and any other title and registration fees and documents to your county treasurer's office to complete the title and registration process.

Out-of-State Testing

When necessary, you might qualify for an out-of-state Motor Vehicle Examination if:

  • You're active-duty military personnel stationed outside of Kansas.
  • You're a full-time student in a school outside of Kansas.
  • Your vehicle is a resident or business vehicle temporarily located out of Kansas for “reasonable purposes" such as short-term employment.
  • You're applying for Kansas apportioned registration with an out-of-state title AND:
    • Your vehicle type requires a VIN inspection.
    • Your vehicle is NOT currently in Kansas.

Use the Kansas Resident/Business Out of State VIN Verification (Form TR-65)—and its instructions—to apply for an out-of-state inspection.

NOTE: Once you return the vehicle to Kansas, you must undergo an inspection with the KHP and present the Form MVE-1 before a Kansas title will be printed.

For more information on out-of-state inspection applications, contact the Kansas Division of Vehicles Title and Registrations Bureau at (785) 296-3621.

Kansas Incentives for Eco-Friendly Driving

Many of today's cars are created to keep emissions at a low level or, in some cases, to stop emissions completely. Between advanced smog control devices and the new alternative-fuel-burning motor vehicles, the air we breathe might be considerably cleaner than it was in years past.

Although Kansas does not offer an emissions test exemption for electric cars and fuel-efficient vehicles (or any vehicles, for that matter), you can find more on other perks specific to eco-friendly driving— such as tax breaks and auto insurance discounts—on our page on green driver incentives.

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Resident/Business Out of State VIN Verification
This VIN verification form is required when transferring an out-of-state title to a Kansas title. Must be completed by a law enforcement officer.
Ownership Affidavit for Vehicle-Trailer-Antique-Motor
Department of Revenue form used to verify ownership of a vehicle, trailer, motor, OR antique vehicle.
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