Replacing a Lost Registration in Kansas

Duplicate Registration Cards & License Plates in Kansas

Do you need to replace a registration or license plate? We'll give you an overview of the replacement process for each task.

Whenever your vehicle registration documents, license plates, or license plate decals are lost, stolen, or damaged, you should contact the Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR) Division of Vehicles or your local county clerk as soon as possible to request duplicates.

Driving without your license plates, registration decals, or current registration documents can put you at a higher risk of receiving traffic tickets, fines, and penalties. If you are pulled over for any traffic violation, the officer will usually ask you for your driver's license and vehicle registration. You'll need to present your registration card to avoid receiving additional citations. If your license plates or current registration decals are not attached to your vehicle, there is a good chance you will be ticketed, regardless of whether you are driving or your vehicle is parked on a public road.

On this page, you'll find information about how to request replacement registration documents, license plates, and license plate registration decals.

NOTE: If you suspect that your registration items have been stolen, you should also contact your local law enforcement agency to report the theft.

If you have any questions about the registration/license plate replacement process or your vehicle's registration, please contact the Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR) Division of Vehicles.

Replacing Your KS Registration Documents

To replace a lost or damaged registration, just complete the Title and Registration Manual Application (Form TR-212a) and head to your local Kansas county treasurer's office, where you'll be issued a replacement for a fee. You can also request printable registration documents online.

When you request a replacement, you may need to provide proof of your identity and vehicle ownership. On the application, you'll need to:

  • Indicate the nature of your request, vehicle type, and registration type.
  • Include your license plate number, decal number, and registration expiration date.
  • Provide your name and address.
  • Include the vehicle identification number (VIN) and the vehicle's year, make, and model.

Your local county clerk's office should be able to help you through the replacement process and provide you with information about replacement fees. The exact steps and fees to replace your registration documents may vary from county to county.

Replace Your Kansas License Plates & Decals

To replace stolen, lost, or damaged plates and decals, you'll need to visit your county clerk's office in person.

You'll need to complete a Custom Plate Order and Lost, Stolen, Replacement, Exchange Plate &/or Decal Application (Form TR-211).

On the form, you'll need to:

  • Mark which type of transaction you are completing and which type of registration item you need.
  • Indicate the reason for the replacement/duplicate.
  • Include your name and address.
  • Include the vehicle information.

To complete the replacement process, bring the form, your current registration, and payment to replace your plates to a county treasurer's office. You may need to surrender your license plates to the Kansas county treasurer clerk if they are damaged and in your possession.

To replace stolen license plates or decals, you should first file a report with the local authorities in Kansas. You should then bring a copy of the police report to a county treasurer's office and follow the steps above.


Title and Registration Manual Application
Apply for original, replacement, renewal, OR transferred Kansas title AND/OR registration.
Custom Plate order and Lost, Stolen, Replacement, Exchange Plate and/or Decal Application
Department of Revenue application for replacement of stolen or lost Kansas license plates, transfer of license plates, AND/OR request for specialty license plates.

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