Motorcycle Registration in Kansas

All Kansas residents must register their motorcycle with the Department of Revenue (DOR) before legal operation on the roadways is allowed.

Whether you're new to Kansas OR a current resident who just purchased a bike, use this guide to learn about registering your motorcycle in The Sunflower State.

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New to Kansas

After moving to Kansas, you have 90 days to register your motorcycle.

PRIOR submitting a registration application, you'll need to:

You can then complete the registration process by providing the following at your local county treasurer's office:

  • A completed Title and Registration Manual Application (Form TR-212a).
  • Proof of Kansas motorcycle insurance.
  • Your Motor Vehicle Examination Certificate (Form MVE-1).
  • The motorcycle's current out-of-state title.
    • If you do not possess a title because there is a lien, the leasing company will need to send a copy of the title to your county's treasurer office.
  • The base motorcycle registration fee of $28.25 PLUS other applicable fees and taxes.

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Registering Your KS Motorcycle

After buying a motorcycle, you'll have 60 days to register it with the KS Department of Revenue.

The process for registering your bike will differ depending on whether you bought it from a dealership OR from a private seller.

Motorcycles from Dealers

When you purchase a motorcycle at a Kansas dealership, the dealer will usually handle the registration process for you. The necessary taxes and registration fees will often be included in the purchase price.

Some dealerships will give you temporary plates and registration while you wait for your permanent documents to arrive in the mail. Be sure to ask the dealership if any additional steps are required on your end.

If the dealer doesn't register the bike for you, follow the applicable steps for registration below.

Motorcycles from Private Sellers

When you purchase a motorcycle from a private seller, you must register it yourself by visiting your local county treasurer's office with:

Motorcycle registrations are valid for 1 year. Registration periods are determined by the 1st letter of your last name and are assigned on a staggered basis.

If you buy a new bike, your initial registration will be valid until the month in which your assigned registration period begins and ends (as opposed to an entire 1 year).

KS Motorcycle Registration Fees & Taxes

Below are the fees and taxes you may be required to pay when registering your bike with the Kansas Department of Revenue:

  • Motorcycle registration: $28.25.
    • Late registration fee: $1 every 1 month you're late.
  • Modernization fee: $4.
  • Highway Patrol staffing and training fee: $2.
  • Law enforcement training surcharge: $1.25.
  • VIN inspection (out-of-state motorcycles): $20 (cash only).
  • Sales tax: 6.5% of the purchase price.
  • County taxes: Varies—call your local county treasurer's office for specifics.


Title and Registration Manual Application
Apply for original, replacement, renewal, OR transferred Kansas title AND/OR registration.
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