Green Vehicle Laws and Regulations in Kansas

Although Kansas has very few laws specific to eco-friendly driving and green vehicles, it's best to stay current on the latest regulations. These laws to protect the planet might quickly evolve, unlike KS's general traffic laws which rarely change.

So whether you drive a plug-in electric car, a hybrid, or any other fuel-efficient vehicle, bookmark this page for updates. Also be sure to check with the Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR) and the Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) for additions. What Kansas lacks in laws for alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), it makes up for in green driver incentives.

Kansas Green Vehicle Registration

Regarding Kansas vehicle registration and registration renewal, the Division of Motor Vehicles (DOR) does not offer perks or reduced registration fees to drivers of fuel-efficient cars. You still must pay the full registration and renewal costs. For more on Kansas vehicle registration, refer to our section on vehicle services or your local DOR office.

KS Emissions Testing for Eco-Friendly Vehicles

At this time, the Kansas DOR does not require safety inspections or emissions tests as a requirement of state vehicle registration. This means you don't have to have your environmentally friendly vehicle inspected for safety or emissions in order to register it. Unfortunately, it also means currently there's no procedure in place to keep watch on smog and emissions from vehicles.

Still, there are ways you can help keep the air clean, such as:

  • Keeping up with vehicle maintenance.
  • Walking or riding a bike.
  • Carpooling with family, friends, coworkers, or ride share programs.
  • Driving at a steady, moderate pace (i.e. obeying the speed limit and reducing the number of times you stop and restart moving).
  • Avoiding idling, which can waste up to half a gallon of fuel per hour.

For more on how to do your part to improve air quality and reduce pollution, check out our Kansas Smog & Emissions Checks page.

Kansas Roadway Access for Low-Speed Electric Vehicles (LSVs)

Kansas only allows low-speed vehicles to travel on roadways that have a posted speed limit of 40 miles per hour (mph) or less. The State defines a low-speed vehicle (LSV) as any four-wheel electric vehicle:

For more on laws and penalties regarding low-speed vehicles, refer to Kansas Statutes 8-15, 101, 8-1701, and 8-2118.

Kansas Auto Insurance Requirements

No matter which kind of fuel-efficient, eco-friendly vehicle you're tooling around in, you must cover it with the state's minimum liability insurance requirements (and, in some situations, maybe even comprehensive coverageyour agent will explain).

Understand that some car insurance companies offer discounts for driving environmentally friendly vehicles. Naturally, this is up to the provider, so give yours a call and find out if you're eligible for a green driver discount. If you're not, consider shopping around for a new policy; you might find a provider who offers significant savings simply for driving an electric, hybrid, or some other fuel-efficient vehicle. Learn more on auto insurance discounts for eco-friendly drivers on our page covering perks to going green.

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