Bill of Sale Requirements in Kansas

KS Bill of Sale Basics

Kansas requires an affidavit of purchase price or Bill of Sale (Form TR-312) ONLY if the title does not have space for the following:

  • Printed names and signatures of buyers and sellers.
  • The purchase price.

If the title does provide space for the above a bill of sale is not required for the title transfer. However, it is still recommended that you complete one.

A bill of sale is similar to a receipt; it shows the amount of money paid for a vehicle, the buyer's and seller's names, and can even record such information as the odometer reading and any terms related to the sale. It's a good record to keep to commemorate your sale for your files, for tax reasons, or to protect yourself in the event that the buyer does not register the vehicle or abandons it later.

Bill of Sale Requirements

On your bill of sale, be sure all of the following are provided:
  • Names and signatures of all buyers and sellers.
  • Date of sale.
  • Purchase price.
  • The vehicle's:
    • Make.
    • Model.
    • Year.

Generic Bill of Sale

If you need a form for any reason, we provide a free, printable bill of sale form for your use.


Bill of Sale
Use the Department of Revenue's bill of sale as a proof of purchase when transferring ownership of a vehicle in Kansas.
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