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Reasons To Buy Auto Insurance Through Direct Car Insurance Providers

These days, shopping for car insurance is almost as easy as shopping for groceries―actually, it might be even easier. The Internet plays a big role in the simplicity of comparison-shopping for car insurance, but we also have direct car insurance providers to thank.

Direct Car Insurance Providers Defined

First, let's define direct car insurance providers.

Direct providers are companies that sell insurance to you―the customer―directly. Direct providers are also known as direct writers, because they write the insurance policies they sell rather than having another company write their policies. Examples of direct providers include companies like Geico and Progressive.

Other insurance companies sell coverage through insurance agents. A few big names in this category include companies like State Farm and Nationwide. Chances are you've passed these agencies' brick-and-mortar offices in your own town, and if so, you've probably noticed an insurance agent's name tacked on the sign outside. Some companies work as a combination of both, meaning you can get insurance from them directly or through an agent.

So, what are the benefits of buying from direct car insurance providers?

Pros of Purchasing Auto Insurance Through a Direct Provider

Direct car insurance providers do provide some perks and benefits if you purchase your auto insurance policy with them.

1) Shop Completely Online

When shopping for auto insurance with direct car insurance providers, there is no need to make appointments and try to make time in your busy schedule to visit an insurance agent's office. You can compare car insurance quotes very easily and in little time, helping you make the best choice possible for your car insurance.

It's not just shopping that you can do online. You can typically handle everything related to your policy online, such as updating your policy and filing car insurance claims.

2) More Management Options

With a direct provider, you generally have more options regarding how you manage your car insurance policy. Need to change your coverage or add a car to your policy? You have access to customer service hotlines or your own online account where you can manage your car insurance policy.

3) Direct Communication

When you purchase coverage through a direct auto insurance company, you deal directly with the insurance company. You don't have to go through an agent.

4) Competitive Rates

Overall, direct insurance providers tend to offer the most competitive rates and the largest variety of auto insurance discounts. Plus, you can view these rates and a full list of discounts on the provider's website, rather than ask an insurance agent about them and hope you get the whole story.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't shop around and compare rates with many different providers, but it does mean you're likely to find lower rates with a direct provider.

Want a More Personal Experience?

Purchasing coverage through direct car insurance providers doesn't mean you have to give up human contact. Most direct providers have agents in place throughout the nation and, depending on where you live, you can conduct face-to-face transactions if you so choose.

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