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Policy Management FAQs

Policy Management FAQs

Car insurance policies can get confusing. You may know that your policy was adequate to meet the legal requirements in your state at the time you purchased it, but you may not know much else about it. Perhaps you’re unclear on what your car insurance coverage actually pays for, or maybe your life situation has changed since you first purchased your policy.

To help you understand your car insurance policy better, we’ll go over some frequently asked questions about managing auto insurance policies.

How many vehicles and drivers can be on one car insurance policy?

This depends on your policy. Your auto insurance company may set limits on the number of cars and drivers on one policy, and you may need to insure certain cars, such as antique cars, under another policy.

Do I have to list everyone in my household on my policy?

Typically, everyone in your household who drives your vehicle needs to be named on your car insurance policy to ensure coverage.

You may be allowed to specifically exclude a driver under a named driver exclusion (see below).

How do I exclude a driver from my policy?

Notify your auto insurance agent if you would like to exclude a driver from your policy and to find out if your state allows exclusions.

If you exclude a driver and he does drive your car and gets into an accident, you will personally be responsible for all of the costs.

Do I have to add friends who drive my car on occasion?

Anyone who has permission to drive your vehicle is covered while driving your car, because car insurance follows the car, not the driver.

However, in some cases you may need to add a friend to your policy if they use it frequently, especially if they do not currently have car insurance. Speak with your auto insurance agent about whom to add to your policy.

Will my car insurance rates increase if I add drivers to my policy?

The short answer is yes. How much your rates will increase depends on whom you add, since your policy rates depend on your chances of the insurance company paying out a claim on your car insurance policy.

Your policy’s risk and your rates may increase if you add teenagers or drivers with poor driving records, while your rates may only slightly increase if your additional driver has a great driving record.

I got married. Should I add my spouse to my policy?

It is up to you. If your spouse has a better driving record than you, your rates may only increase incrementally. If your spouse has had accidents or violations in the past several years, your rates may increase substantially.

If you’re unsure of what to do, get a quote and talk your car insurance agent to see if you can save money by combining policies, or whether you should consider separate policies.

NOTE: Adding your spouse to your policy can often make you eligible for savings, such as multi-car or multi-line discounts. However, if your spouse is a “high-risk driver,” the discounts may not balance the increase in your rates.

I got divorced. Should I remove my ex from my policy?

Yes, but if you are only separated and still living together, you may need to keep your ex on your policy until they move out.

Your insurance provider can discuss the best way to deal with removing a driver from your policy.

What payment options do I have?

This depends on your provider, but you usually have the options to set up one of the following billing cycles:

  • Monthly payments.
  • Quarterly payments.
  • Semi-annual payments.

Many companies also have various payment methods for your convenience, often allowing customers to pay their bills through:

  • Online payment.
  • Automatic payments.
  • Mobile apps.
  • Phone payment.
  • By-mail payment.

Talk to your car insurance company about the best car insurance payment options for you.

If I make a late payment, can my car insurance be canceled?

Yes, nonpayment of your premium is a reason for cancellation. If you're worried about your ability to make your car insurance payments, call your agent and discuss different payment options.

You can also try to get cheap car insurance by reducing your coverage limits or raising your deductibles; however, consider the risks involved before making the decision to do either. It is smart to keep as much coverage as you can reasonably afford.

How do I cancel a car insurance policy?

Your auto insurance company can generally walk you through this process. If you are going to cancel your current auto insurance policy but continue driving, make sure you've set up a new policy and have your dates coordinated so you don't have a gap in coverage.

Also be aware of any penalties that your current car insurance company may impose for early termination of your policy.

How do I renew a car insurance policy?

This depends on your company. Many companies offer automatic payment/automatic renewal, so your policy continues automatically as long as you keep paying the premiums.

Speak to your car insurance agent to make sure you know what the renewal process is.

I want to add or remove car insurance coverages. What do I do?

You can call your insurance agent to add or remove coverages from your policy, or your company may have an online portal that allows you to edit your coverages.

Keep in mind that it can be good to talk to your auto insurance agent before making any major changes to your coverage so you understand what the coverage changes may mean if you get into an accident.

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