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Other Hidden Car Insurance Discounts

Other Hidden Car Insurance Discounts

Most car insurance companies offer a multitude of discounts to help customers lower their premiums. Some are more common and well known than others – for example, you probably know about multivehicle and good driver discounts. However, savings for actions such as shopping online or being a federal employee might not be on your radar.

This page will explore some of the lesser-known car insurance discounts in the market today.

Transfer Discount

Many car insurance companies will actually offer a discounted rate to new customers who have an existing policy with another company and are looking to transfer over.

If you find you're paying more than you need to for comparable coverage, consider switching over. You may find you can save more than you originally estimated.

Online Shopper Discount

With the growth of online tools to compare auto insurance quotes, it is easy to compare car insurance companies and find cheaper rates. You no longer have to call multiple insurance companies individually and speak with several agents.

Not only does getting an online quote make life easier, it sometimes even gets you additional savings. Depending on the auto insurance carrier, you could get a discount on your premium just for getting an online quote with their company.

Seat Belt Use Discount

In some cases, you can get a small percentage off your car insurance premium for wearing your seat belt when you drive.

While some auto insurance providers require that you have automatic seat belts (passive restraint systems) to get the discount, others will give you a price reduction just for wearing your seat belt every day.

Often, this discount is applied to either your medical payments coverage or your PIP coverage. For more information on these coverage types, visit our Medical Coverage page.

Federal Employee Discount

If you are a federal employee (or a retired federal employee), you may be able to get a discount on your insurance premium.

NOTE: There may be certain restrictions on this discount. For example, some car insurance companies require federal employees be at a certain General Schedule grade level (e.g., GS-7 or above) to qualify.

Membership in Federal Organizations

You might also qualify for a discount based on membership in federal organizations.

Examples may include:

  • National Federation of Federal Employees.
  • Federal Managers Association.
  • Federally Employed Women.
  • Federal Physicians Association.

Military Discount

Military service members are often eligible for a discount on their car insurance rates.

Typically, you can earn a discount whether you are:

  • On active duty.
  • Retired.
  • In the National Guard.

Make sure to ask your car insurance company if you qualify for a military discount.

Farm Bureau Discount

Being a member of your Farm Bureau may pay off in terms of your auto insurance. You'll generally need to be in good standing with your Farm Bureau, meaning you're up-to-date with your dues.

Comparing Car Insurance Discounts

The discounts offered to you will vary as you talk to different car insurance companies.

When you shop around for your car insurance coverage, remember to ask about all the discounts for which you might qualify.

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