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Other Car Insurance Coverages

Other Car Insurance Coverages

Bad things can happen to your car unexpectedly. This is why it's vital that you have car insurance coverages that can help protect you financially when things go wrong.

In our Coverages section, we provide information on the most commonly purchased types of car insurance. However, there are certain coverage types that, while still somewhat common, are not as widely available.

The following are some optional car insurance coverages that your car insurance company may or may not offer.

Mechanical Breakdown Coverage

It is inevitable; at some point, every car breaks down. Mechanical breakdown coverage can save you from unloading a large sum of cash to fix certain mechanical issues with your car.

This coverage is similar to an extended warranty, but it has some key differences such as:

  • Mechanical breakdown generally covers more types of repairs than an extended warranty.
  • You pay a premium for the coverage, rather than one lump payment for an extended warranty.
  • You have the option of taking your car to any licensed mechanic, rather than a select few as determined by a warranty.

When purchasing mechanical breakdown coverage, keep in mind that it DOES NOT COVER basic vehicle maintenance such as:

  • Oil changes.
  • Brake replacement.
  • Tire changes.

Additionally, mechanical breakdown coverage does not generally cover damages to your car that were caused:

  • Intentionally.
  • By improper maintenance of your car.
  • By corrosion.
  • Through misuse of your vehicle.

NOTE: Not all car insurance companies offer mechanical breakdown coverage. As you receive car insurance quotes, inquire about this coverage type to help determine whether you want to purchase your auto insurance from that provider.

Non-Owner Liability Coverage

Also known as “hired automobile coverage", non-owner liability provides you with coverage if you cause injury or property damage to others in a car accident while you are operating a vehicle you do not own.

This type of car insurance coverage can be an important addition to your policy if you:

  • Consistently drive cars that do not belong to you, such as those owned by your employer.
  • Frequently rent cars.
  • Frequently borrow cars.

Remember, non-owner liability only covers damages and injuries you cause to others. This coverage does not extend to damages or injuries you might suffer in a car accident.

A Note on Renting Cars

Before you buy insurance coverage from the car rental company, talk to your car insurance agent.

There is a good chance that rental cars are already covered in your policy, especially if you have collision coverage.

Customized Parts and Equipment Coverage

Most insurance policies will only cover original parts on your car.

If you modify your car with custom parts, you should consider buying this optional coverage to help protect your custom parts and equipment in case they are damaged or even stolen.

Customizations that are commonly covered include:

  • Electronic equipment, such as stereos or TV monitors.
  • Engine enhancements.
  • Custom tires and wheels.
  • Custom paint.
  • Exhaust enhancements.

Limits to this coverage will vary amongst auto insurance companies. Speak with your car insurance agent to learn more.

Some states may require you to have comprehensive and collision coverages before purchasing customized parts and equipment coverage.

TIP: Document your modifications well by saving receipts and taking photos of your custom parts.

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