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Occupation and Membership Discounts

Occupation and Membership Car Insurance Discounts

Many people know that your age, gender, and the type of car you drive can affect the rates you pay for auto insurance. However, you may be surprised to learn that your occupation and your membership in certain organizations may also affect your car insurance premium.

In many cases, you can actually save money on your car insurance simply by being in a “low-risk profession." Careers considered low-risk by auto insurance companies, statistically show that people in these professions exercise risky driving behaviors less often than those in other jobs.

Your car insurance company will make the decision on which occupations they will provide discounts for; however, the following customers will commonly be eligible for discounts:

  • Engineers.
  • Scientists.
  • Teachers and professors.
  • First responders (e.g., police officers and firefighters).
  • Nurses.
  • Pilots.
  • Certified public accountants.

Career vs. Degree

In some cases, your car insurance company may give you a discount for holding a degree in an approved occupation, even if you do not currently work in that field.

Ask your car insurance agent for details of their occupational discounts to find out if your education will earn you savings.

Why Do Some Professions Equal Lower Rates?

Sometimes the professions that result in car insurance discounts seem arbitrary. In reality, these professions are picked by the insurance company due to their relationship to risk.

Insurance companies offer lowered rates to those in professions that show a correlation between the profession and the number of claims filed by drivers working in those professions.

It's important to remember that not all car insurance companies will offer the same occupational discounts.

Your state may also play a role in the occupational discounts available. The best thing you can do when shopping for car insurance is to inform your car insurance provider of your education and career and ask which discounts might apply to you.

Special Membership Discounts

While your profession may not qualify you for a discount on your auto insurance, you might find that you can save money for being a member of certain professional or other approved organizations.

For example, you may be able to find a discount for being a member of one of the following:

  • Alumni associations – Being part of your school's alumni organization may help you lower your rates. Also, check out discounts for fraternities/sororities or other student groups.
  • Professional organizations – Groups that help you develop your career may earn you a reduced rate. Ask your agent about vocational groups that qualify.
  • Auto clubs – Holding a membership in an auto club, like AAA, can save you money on your premium.
  • Credit unions – Being a member of this bank type can get you a discounted rate.

Certain employers may also get discounts for their employees; make sure to ask your employer or your car insurance company if your business qualifies.

Also, ask about savings for unions if you are a member. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), for example, offers group insurance rates as well as grants for driver education classes and auto insurance premium deferment during prolonged strikes or lockouts.

The types of organizations that will earn drivers reductions on their premiums will vary amongst insurance companies. Ask your car insurance agent for a list of approved groups, or contact the membership coordinator of your organization.

Military Discounts

Some auto insurance companies also offer military discounts on insurance premiums, and may even offer additional discounts for soldiers who are deployed in areas eligible for imminent danger pay.

Whether you're active duty or retired, or the spouse or child of someone in the military, be sure to ask about these discounts.

Comparison-Shopping for the Best Discounts

Careful comparison shopping can help you see what auto insurance company will give you the best possible rates on your policy.

Take advantage of online tools that let you obtain car insurance quotes from several different companies by filling out one central form.

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