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Motorcycle Roadside Assistance

While most motorcycle riders are highly dedicated to keeping their motorcycles in top shape, unfortunate things do happen.

You may find that somehow your keys fell out of your pocket and you have no way to start your bike. Maybe something went wrong with the intricate machinery that runs your motorcycle and you have no way of getting it home or to the mechanic.

Traveling alone on a motorcycle can put you in a difficult spot should you ever break down and need emergency roadside assistance. That's why so many riders opt for some form of motorcycle roadside protection, also referred to as "towing and labor coverage."

Read more to learn about motorcycle roadside assistance and how it can be a valuable part of your motorcycle insurance coverage.

Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Explained

As the name implies, this emergency road service program offers help when you're riding your bike and you encounter some sort of mechanical or operational problem.

The services covered vary with the program, but you might expect to find:

  • Towing (up to a stated distance) - When you're stranded, this service will get your bike to a safe place where you can give it the attention it needs.
  • Flat repair - You can't get anywhere with a flat. This service will help get a safe tire on your bike.
  • Minor mechanical repair - This can help you in instances where a quick fix can get your bike running.
  • Locksmithing - If you lose your keys, you may need to take advantage of this service.
  • Fuel delivery - Even though you do your best to keep your tank filled, you might find yourself in need of fuel. This service can get fuel delivered to wherever you are.
  • Dead battery - If your car won't start, you can call for a jump to get back on the road.

Where to Get Emergency Motorbike Assistance

Some motorbike insurance companies offer emergency assistance. This would be added as a separate coverage to motorcycle insurance policies, just like bodily injury or property damage coverages.

However, independent agencies also offer roadside assistance for motorcyclists. In fact, some specialize in this. Before committing to any program, it's best to comparison-shopand determine which programs have:

  • The best rates.
  • The broadest protection.
  • The widest network of repair providers.

Most roadside programs are reasonably priced, especially for the service and peace of mind they provide. But, your insurer will probably have the lowest rate.

If your motorcycle is under warranty, check with the manufacturer to see if it offers free roadside assistance. If it does, you may not need to purchase roadside protection from another source.

Be sure to examine the program to see what's covered and to find out who will respond when you need service.

Important Note: Using Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Coverage

Should you decide to choose an emergency roadside assistance program from your carrier, be sure you don't overuse it.

Your insurance company will likely track the number of times you call for help, and it could decide to hike your premiums if they deem you're using the coverage too often. For this reason, it's important to ask for details about how often you can use the assistance before expecting a rate hike.

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