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Motocross Insurance

The fact that motocross is often associated with the word "extreme"―as in extreme sport―is reason alone to protect yourself with motocross insurance.

Though not required, the inherent risks of the sport―mechanical and physical―should warrant strong consideration towards buying coverage. And with more providers now offering motocross protection, you're guaranteed of finding a good rate.

Is Motocross Insurance the Same as Motorcycle Insurance?

Unlike motorcycle coverage, which is mandatory in all but three states, motocross coverage is optional. The decision to ride protected or unprotected is yours. There are no liability insurance requirements when it comes to motocross coverage which, if you're a motocross rider, is a good thing, allowing you to customize an insurance coverage package that best meets your riding needs.

Determining How Much Motocross Coverage to Carry

When deciding on coverage, take into account:

  • How often you ride the bike.
  • Where you store your bike.
  • How you transport your bike.
  • Whether or not you ride competitively.

Types of Motocross Coverage Policies

Depending on your needs or primary concerns, you should consider one or all of the following types of dirt bike insurance and other motorbike insurance polices:

  • Collision Coverage: This will pay for bike damages regardless of fault.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This protects against theft, vandalism and acts of nature like wind or flooding.
  • Medical Payments Coverage: This is a must if you don't carry health insurance.
  • Accessory Coverage: Covers any special accessories added to the bike.

When applying for a policy, be honest regarding your riding history. Don't hide previous accident claims. Given the nature of the sport, accidents are expected. An insurance company may elect not to provide coverage if it discovers you lied on your application.

Compare Motocross Insurance Quotes

Don't settle for the first rate you see. Shop around and compare quotes from a variety of auto insurance companies. You'll find every company has different rates for different situations. The more you look, the better your odds of finding an affordable quote that meets all of your coverage needs.

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