Title Transfers in Indiana

How to Transfer an Indiana Vehicle Title:
  • Have the seller fill out the title and give it to you.
  • Bring the title, payment, and proof of residency to the BMV.
  • Submit the above plus a completed application form.
  • Continue reading below for further details.

New to Indiana?

As a new resident to Indiana, you are required to title your vehicle with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) within 60 days of completing your move, or risk having to pay a late fee. You will be exempt from paying sales tax on your vehicle.

To complete an Indiana title transfer, you will need to visit the BMV with all required documents for standard IN vehicle titlingsee below for details.

Additionally, new-to-state Indiana residents will have to get a vehicle inspection and take extra steps if there is a lien hold on the vehicle title.

Buying or Selling an Indiana Vehicle

Depending on your role as buyer or seller, you will have different responsibilities when it comes to a sale of a vehicle and the transfer of ownership.

Note on sales tax:

If you're purchasing a vehicle from out of state, you will be credited any sales tax you paid on your car towards the sales tax owed to Indiana. If you have paid less than the required 7%, you will owe the difference to the BMV.

Buying a Vehicle

Buying from an In-State Dealer

A motor vehicle title transfer for a car purchased from a dealership who partners with the BMV is fairly simple. The dealership will handle the bulk of the application and paperwork for you.

If your dealer does not partner with the BMV, you will have to visit a BMV license branch with:

  • The required items for titling a vehicle in Indiana.
    • See “Buying from a Private Party" below.
  • A properly assigned title certificate or manufacturer's certificate of origin, provided by the dealer.

Once a sale is complete, and you have made all initial payments, a dealer has 31 days to deliver the title to you. If the 31 days have passed, write the dealer to request delivery of the vehicle title. The dealer will then be given an additional 10 days to deliver the title.

If the dealer still has not delivered the title, you have the option of returning the vehicle in the same condition as when you received it for a complete refund.

Buying from an Out-of-State Dealer

If you are purchasing a vehicle from a dealership in another state, you can use the BMV's out-of-state dealer title transfer packet to help guide you through the title transfer. This packet includes all the necessary documents you will need to title your vehicle (see “Buying from a Private Seller" below).

You have 45 days to complete your out-of-state car title transfer.

Obtain proof of ownership from the dealer. This could include one of the following:

  • Title certificate.
  • Certificate of origin.
  • Purchase order.
  • Bill of sale.
  • Sales contract.

Once you have all documents ready, you can submit them for an Indiana DMV title transfer in person at a BMV office location, or by mail to the address listed in the title transfer packet.

Buying from a Private Seller

As the purchaser, it is your responsibility to complete the title transfer, and pay the transfer fee, after you purchase a used car from a private seller.

You have 45 days after the purchase date to complete the car title transfer. If you do meet this deadline, you will have to pay a late fee.

To complete the auto title transfer for your new vehicle to an Indiana car title:

  • Obtain the vehicle title from the seller*, with the following information filled out:
    • The seller's signature.
    • The date of purchase.
    • The price of sale.
    • Your information indicating you are the buyer.
    • The odometer reading.
      • * If the vehicle has a lien and the lienholder has possession of the title, please see Lien Releases in Indiana below.
  • Have the seller remove the license plate.

Once you have the title properly filled out, visit your local IN Bureau of Motor Vehicles office with:

Selling a Vehicle

When selling a car, you are responsible for signing the title over to the new owner. This includes:

  • Signing where instructed on the title certificate.
  • Filling in the purchaser's information.
  • Providing an odometer disclosure.
  • Noting the date and price of sale.

You should also remove the license plates from the car before the transaction is complete.

You may also be eligible for a refund on your paid excise tax when you registered your vehicle. Visit our section on renewal refunds for details.

Gifted & Inherited IN Vehicles

Transferring a Gifted Vehicle Title

The process for completing an Indiana DMV title transfer for a gifted vehicle mirrors the process of transferring a title after the sale and purchase of a car.

In the case of a gifted car title transfer, the person receiving the car will act as the buyer and will ultimately be responsible for submitting all necessary documents and fees to the BMV. The person giving the car as a gift will act as a seller and sign the current title over to the recipient.

In the sale price field of the vehicle title certificate, the person giving the car should write “GIFT".

Gifted cars are exempt from any sales tax.

Inherited Indiana Car Title Transfer

The process for transferring the title of an inherited car may vary depending on several different circumstances. If you have inherited a car, contact the BMV for specific instructions on how to complete the vehicle title transfer.

Vehicle Inspections in Indiana

All vehicles brought into Indiana from another state must be inspected to confirm the vehicle identification number (VIN). This includes vehicles owned by new-to-state residents, as well as any car purchased or otherwise obtained in another state.

You can have this inspection done:

For more details, visit our IN Vehicle Inspections page.

Lien Releases in Indiana

If you purchased your car with a car loan, your lender will have a lien hold on your title. Once you have completely paid off your loan, your lender will send you a lien release.

To have your lien removed from your title, you will need to bring your lien release to a BMV licensing office and apply for a new title.

Contact your lender if you have problems receiving your lien release.

Applicants with Current Liens

If there is a lien currently on your car title, and your lender has possession of your title, you must visit a BMV branch and complete a Request for out of State Title to Perfect a Lien (Form 1014).

The BMV will then obtain the title from your lien holder, and notify you to return to the branch office to complete your title application.

Once completed, the new Indiana title will be sent back to your lender to hold until the lien is ready to be released.

IN Title Transfer Fees

The following are basic titling and auto title transfer fees in Indiana:

  • New title/title transfer/title amendment: $15
  • Duplicate title: $15
  • Late fee: $30
  • Expedited title service: $25

Upon purchase of your vehicle, you must pay a 7% sales tax to the state. If you have not paid this tax, you will have to pay it to the BMV in order to apply for your Indiana title.

Gifted cars and vehicles brought into the state by new residents are exempt from the sales tax.

Changing Information on Your Title

Follow the guides below, if you wish to add or remove a name on your vehicle's title in Indiana.

Adding a Name

Take the following steps to add a name to your vehicle title:

All owners must sign the application at the BMV branch, unless one owner has given the other owner power of attorney to sign in that person's name by completing a Limited Power of Attorney (Form 1940).

Removing a Name

If you wish to remove a name from your Indiana title, do the following:

  • Have the person being removed from the title fill out the title certificate as a seller would in a standard sale.
  • The person who wishes to remain on the title will need to fill out the purchaser information on the title certificate and visit a BMV branch location to apply for a new title.

Duplicate Titles

If you have misplaced your Indiana car title, you can order a replacement by utilizing the myBMV online services tool, or by visiting a BMV branch location.

Additionally, you can mail in an application for a duplicate IN title by taking the following steps:

  • Complete an Application for Certificate of Title (Form 205).
  • Get a copy of your photo ID.
  • Provide payment for the $15 duplicate title fee.
    • Make check or money order payable to the BMV.
  • Mail all to the BMV at:
    • Indiana BMV
    • 100 N. Senate Ave
    • Room N411
    • Indianapolis, IN 46204


Affidavit Physical Inspection of a Vehicle or Watercraft
An inspector must complete this form if your hull (for boats) or vehicle identification number requires an inspection before the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will issue a title.
Application For Certificate Of Title For A Vehicle
The Bureau of Motor Vehicles' application for an Indiana vehicle title.
Limited Power of Attorney
Assign limited power of attorney for someone to complete vehicle OR watercraft title AND/OR registration transactions on your behalf. Must be notarized.
Odometer Disclosure Statement
The Bureau of Motor Vehicles' form for disclosing the number of miles on a car you intend to sell in Indiana.
Request for Title
IN Bureau of Motor Vehicles form used to request vehicle titles from lien-holders.
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