Traffic Safety Laws in Indiana

Helmet Laws


Riders and operators under 18 years old must wear a helmet that meets U.S. Department of Transportation standards. They must also wear protective glasses, goggles, or transparent face shields


There are no bicycle helmet laws.

Off-Road Vehicles

All riders and passengers under 18 years old are required to wear a helmet anytime they're on or in an off-road vehicle (ORV)—even if that vehicle is on private property. These vehicles include:

  • ATVs (unless they're being used on a farm).
  • Utility vehicles/side-by-sides.
  • Go-karts.
  • Mini-bikes.
  • Dirt bikes.
  • Dune buggies (and similar).

This law does NOT apply to golf carts. If you are caught violating this helmet law, you face a fine of up to $500.



Headlights must be turned on:

  • Between dusk and dawn.
  • When visibility is reduced to 500 feet or less.


  • Snowmobiles must be equipped with at least 1 headlight and 1 taillight.
  • Headlights must be turned on while in operation.


Bicycles being ridden between dusk and dawn on a public highway must be equipped with:

  • A front white light visible up to 500 feet.
  • Either a rear red reflector or a red light visible up to 500 feet.

For all the laws regarding bicycles and motorized bicycles, you can reference the statutes directly.

Electronic Devices and Texting

As of July 2020, all drivers are banned from texting, cell phone usage, or any handheld electronic device. This new law also applies to other text messaging devices such as personal digital assistant and, pagers. It is also illegal to participate in video conferencing or scanning social media while driving.

Anyone violating this law will have points added to their license.

Seat Belts

All passengers in vehicles that have seatbelts must use them while in forward motion.

Child Car Seat Laws

  • All children under 8 years old are required by law to ride in a vehicle while secured in either a child safety seat or a booster. The lone exception is if your child is too large to properly fit into either seat. In this case, your child must be secured with a safety belt.
  • All kids under 16 years old must use seat belts or a booster seat.

Reporting Drunk and/or Dangerous Drivers

Call 911 if you suspect a driver of being a vehicular-Waterloo waiting to happen. Try to tattle as much information as possible, including the vehicle's license plate number, make, location and direction.

Reporting Unattended Kids in Cars

Dial 911 if you suspect a child left alone inside a vehicle of being in danger. Remain with the vehicle until authorities arrive.

Reporting Unattended Pets Inside Vehicles

Call your local police authority if you suspect an unattended pet left inside a vehicle of being in danger. Try, if possible, to remain with the vehicle until the police arrive.

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