Replacing a Lost Registration in Indiana

It is illegal to drive in Indiana without a valid car registration, license plate, and validation sticker.  If you’ve lost or damaged or misplaced any of these items, you’ll need to replace them immediately to avoid a costly citation.

Don’t worry, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles has several options for you to replace your lost or damaged items quickly—you may even avoid a trip to the BMV!

Replace a Lost IN Registration

To get a copy of your registration, you will either need to:

  • Use the BMV’s online service.
  • Visit a nearby BMV Connect kiosk in person.

Continue reading below for details on each of these options.

Duplicate Tags/Stickers/Decals

The Indiana BMV does NOTcurrently offer an online option for getting duplicate expiration decals for your license plate. You’ll need to request new stickers in person.

Find your nearest BMV Connect kiosk and follow the instructions above for the “In-Person Kiosk” option. Bring your vehicle registration with you as well—just in case!

Replacing Lost IN License Plates

If your license plate was lost, damaged or stolen, you’ll have to request a new one in person at your local BMV branch. If your license plate was damaged, you will NOT need to surrender it to the BMV.

To request a replacement, visit your local Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles with:

  • A completed Application for Replacement or Duplicate License Plate (Form 37135). Make sure to include:
    • Your name and address.
    • The vehicle identification number (VIN), make, model, year, type, and color.
    • An indication of whether the plates were lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed.
    • Whether you want a:
      • Duplicate (same license plate number).
      • Replacement (new number).
    • The top section completed by a law enforcement officer, if your plates were stolen.
  • Payment for the $9.50 replacement/duplicate license plate/sticker fee.
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