Renewing Your CDL in Indiana

When to Renew

You may renew your commercial driver license (CDL) up to 2 years before it expires. If you're tardy in renewing it, there is a penalty. If you let it lapse by more than 1 year, you'll have to pass the knowledge and skills tests again.

How to Renew

To renew your CDL, simply visit any license agency, and bring your current license. While there, you will hand it over, and be asked to recite your Social Security number as registered with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

  • If your number is not on the BMV's internal record, you will need to provide proof of your number.
  • If you've changed your address, you'll need to provide 2 documents showing proof of residency.
  • You may also be required to have a new Medical Examination Report(Form 649-F)
  • All renewal applicants must also pass the vision screening test.

If everything checks out fine, you will pay $35 for your new license, which will be good for 4 years.


If you want to upgrade your license, you'll also need to pass all of the additional testing requirements that may be needed.

Hazmat Renewal

If your hazmat is set to expire, you'll need to get a whole new background check. This begins with fingerprints at a local agency, and an application to the TSA.

New Federal Requirements

You must self-certify your type of vehicle operation with the Indiana BMV. This means you must self-certify one of the following driving categories:

  • Non-Excepted Interstate
  • Excepted Interstate
  • Non-Excepted Intrastate
  • Excepted Intrastate

If you choose Non-Excepted Interstate, you must provide the BMV with a federal medical certificate.


Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination
Medical exam form you must submit when applying for an IN commercial driver's license. Must be completed by a doctor.

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