Other Vehicle Registrations in Indiana

Summary: How to Register Your Special Vehicle in Indiana

Most special vehicle types, including RVs and motorhomes, custom-built cars, and trailers, are registered the same way as you register your regular car or truck. Snowmobiles and off-road vehicles must be registered in the state, but have their own processes to the follow.

Off-Road Vehicle Registration and Titling

Depending on the type of off-road vehicle you own, you may need to title or register it in Indiana, or both.

Title Your ORV

You only need to title your off-road vehicle with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) if it was purchased after December 31st, 2009. If your ORV is older, it's up to you if you want to title it or not. If you bought your ORV from a dealer, ask them to prepare an application for title for you. Otherwise, contact the IN BMV for more information and instructions.

ORVs Exempt From Titling

The following off-road vehicles do not need to be titled in Indiana:

  • Farm vehicles (used exclusively for farming purposes).
  • Military or government vehicles.
  • Construction, mining, or other related vehicles.
  • Snowmobiles (see "Snowmobiles in Indiana" below).
  • Registered aircrafts.
  • Golf carts.

Register Your ORV

If you wish to operate your ORV on certain public roadways in Indiana, you MUST have it registered with the IN BMV (see also "ORVs Exempt from Registration" below).

NOTE: In order to register your ORV, you must have it titled first (if required, see "Title Your ORV" above).

You can either register it online at the myBMV website, or in person at your local Indiana BMV office. You will need to pay registration and titling fees.

Titles cost $15, and you must receive one within 45 days of the vehicle purchase. If you don't have your title by this time, you'll face a $30 penalty.

Consult our Title Transfers in Indiana section to review the application process.

ORVs Exempt From Registration

You are not required required to register your ORV if it is:

  • Used for a special event only.
  • Registered in another state or country and you're only using it in Indiana for up to 20 days (within 1 year).

For more information about exempt vehicles, visit the Indiana BMV website.

Snowmobiles in Indiana

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) does not require you to title your snowmobile in the state; however, you can choose to do so voluntarily. Titling your snowmobile will help you to prove your ownership of the vehicle and may come in handy if you wish to sell it in the future.

You do however, need to register your snowmobile. You can do so either online or in person at your local IN BMV office.

Your snowmobile title will cost $15, and registration will cost you $30.

For more information about fees, view the IN BMV's fee chart.

Motorhomes and RVs

In Indiana, you are required to register your motorhome or recreational vehicle (RV) as you would a regular car. Follow the instructions on our Register Car in Indiana page.

It will cost you $29.35 to register your RV and $29.35 to renew.

Indiana Trailers

Trailers are considered motor vehicles and will need to go through the same registration and titling process as passenger cars.

The registration fee will vary depending on where you live and the weight of your trailer.

Titles cost $15.

Custom-Built Cars

If you have a custom-built car in Indiana (including street rods), you will need to have it registered just like a regular car. Follow the instructions on our Indiana Car Registration page.

Mopeds and Scooters in Indiana

Indiana is currently considering and adopting legislation that affects moped and scooter registration. Contact your local BMV office for current registration requirements.

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