Motorcycle Registration in Indiana

By law, if you plan to operate a motorcycle in the state of Indiana you'll need to have it registered.

Whether you're a new resident or a long time Indianan who recently purchased a motorcycle, use the guide below to simplify the registration process.

If you need to renew your motorcycle registration, head over to our IN registration renewal guide.

New IN Residents

Congratulations on your move! You'll have 60 days to register your motorcycle with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) after you've established residency. To do so, provide the following items at your local BMV office:

Still have questions about registering your motorcycle? Give your local IN DMV office a call.

Register Your IN Motorcycle

Indiana allows you to register a new vehicle online, provided that you do so within 45 days of purchase. If more than 60 days have passed since the purchase date, you'll need to register your bike in person.

Additionally, the steps to registering your motorcycle may differ depending on whether you bought the bike from a dealership OR private seller.

Online Registration

You may be eligible to register your motorcycle online if:

  • You are within 45 days of your purchase date.
  • Your titling application has already been filed.

If you qualify, log into the Bureau's myBMV portal and follow the instructions. Be prepared to submit:

  • Your IN motorcycle license number.
  • Proof of motorcycle insurance.
  • Information about your title or titling application.
    • This may include an odometer disclosure.
  • Payment for the $26.35 registration fee, plus any other applicable fees and taxes.

Dealer-Purchased Motorcycles

If you bought a motorcycle from a dealer in Indiana, in most instances the dealership will handle registration process for you.

Before leaving the dealership, be sure to ask one of the agents if there are additional steps you'll need to take. The dealer will usually include all applicable fees in the sale price; for a breakdown of the BMV's motorcycle registration fees, see below.

Private Sale Transactions

After buying a motorcycle from a private seller, you'll need to handle the registration process yourself. As long as you're still within 45 days of the purchase date AND have already applied for a title in your name, you can register your motorcycle online. See above for details.

If it has been more than 60 days since you bought your motorcycle, you must register it in person at your local BMV. You'll need:

  • Your Indiana motorcycle license.
  • The title for the motorcycle.
    • If you haven't applied for a title in your name, you will need to fill out all of the titling paperwork and fulfill each of the requirements.
  • Proof of Indiana motorcycle insurance.
  • The $26.35 registration fee plus any other applicable taxes and fees.

IN Motorcycle Registration Fees & Taxes

Below are the fees and taxes associated with registering your motorcycle with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The fees to register your motorcycle can vary depending on the amount of taxes due in your county of residence.

  • Motorcycle registration: $26.35.
  • Duplicate registration certificate: $9.50.
  • Duplicate license plate sticker: $9.50.
  • Changes to your motorcycle registration: $9.50.
  • Motor Vehicle Excise Tax (MVET): varies based on the age of the motorcycle and its value.
  • Surtax: Varies depending on your bike's age AND price; only required in certain counties.

If you would like to get an estimate of the fees due for motorcycle registration and license plates, head over to the MyBMV Quick Quote page.


Affidavit Physical Inspection of a Vehicle or Watercraft
An inspector must complete this form if your hull (for boats) or vehicle identification number requires an inspection before the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will issue a title.
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