Driver's Training in Indiana

Just like anything else in life, the more you practice, the better you get at something. You may be anxious to get your full automotive freedom, but slow your roll; patience, you must have.

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has outlined the requirements for driver training and supervised behind-the-wheel practice so you can get your license as soon as possible.

Driver Training vs. Supervised Driving

You probably know that part of your Indiana driver’s education course includes classroom time or online instruction. You can learn a little more about the requirements for Driver’s Ed below. The other part of Driver’s Ed—as well as some practice outside the official course—lets you flex your behind-the-wheel skills.

But here’s something to remember: supervised driver’s practice and driver’s training are two different things.

To satisfy the licensing requirements of the Indiana BMV, all new drivers must complete a period of both:

  • Certified instructor-guided driver training, often offered as part of the Driver’s Ed curriculum. Driver’s education is required if you want to be able to drive before you turn 16 years old.
  • Supervised driving, done with the guidance of a relative or another qualified adult. See the supervised driving section for specific details.

Through both driver’s training and supervised driver’s practice, you’ll be clocking some serious hours behind the wheel out on the open road—under the watchful eye of someone qualified to guide you and correct your mistakes.

Both of these are crucial for developing driving experience and gaining the skills necessary to take on the responsibilities of a new driver.

Next up is information about your behind-the-wheel requirements and the next steps towards your first driver's license.

IN Driver Training Course Requirements

Once you turn 15 years old, you can enroll in a Driver's Ed course and apply for your learner's permit. You’re required to attend driver’s education if you want to drive before you turn 16 years old.

You’ll complete driver's training during your driver's education course, which will consist of:

  • 30 hours of classroom time (can also be completed online).
  • 6 hours of driver training with your driving school’s instructor.

Generally, you'll begin the in-car training after you've completed the classroom sessions.

Once you complete both sections of your driver education program, you will receive a course completion certificate. But hold on, you’re not done yet: you still need more practice before you get your license.

Supervised Driving Requirements

All new Indiana drivers, regardless of your age, must undergo supervised driving—also referred to as "behind-the-wheel practice"—before being eligible for an unrestricted IN driver's license. This is to be completed separately from your driver training, which we discussed above.

Before advancing from your learner's permit to your provisional or full driver's license, you'll need to complete a minimum of:

  • 50 hours of total supervised driving practice.
  • 10 hours driven at night.

Unlike driver training, supervised driving practice does NOT have to be completed under the guidance of a certified driving instructor (though it can be).

You can gather your required hours under the supervision of:

  • A licensed adult who is at least 25 years old.
    • This adult must be a family member, UNLESS you are under 18 years old and under the care of the Department of Child Services (DCS) and the supervising adult has been approved by the DCS..
  • A certified driving instructor.
  • Your licensed spouse who is at least 21 years old.

You can keep track of your practice hours with a Log of Supervised Driving Practice (Form 54706), which your parent/legal guardian must sign (if you are a minor) before you can obtain your provisional driver's license.

Next Steps - Getting Your Provisional License

You can take your road test and obtain your probationary driver's license after you:

  • Have held your learner's permit for at least 180 days.
  • Have completed your behind-the-wheel practice and submitted your Log of Supervised Driving Practice (Form 54706),
  • Are at least 16 years old plus 90 days if you completed Driver’s Ed.

NOTE: If you did not take Driver's Ed, you can take the road test and obtain your first driver's license when you are at least 16 years old plus 270 days.

For more information, please visit our Applying for a New License (Teen Drivers) or Applying for a New License (Drivers 18+) in Indiana page.

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Log of Supervised Driving
Use this log to track your supervised driving hours as part of applying for an Indiana driver's license with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
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