Bill of Sale Requirements in Indiana

IN Bill of Sale Basics

A bill of sale is a written document showing transfer of personal property, such as a motor vehicle. It will typically contain space to record the purchase price, name and address of the seller, and model year and make.

For most vehicle transactions, Indiana does not require you to file a bill of sale, but will allow its use in some title transfers. That said, a bill of sale is a great way to record your sale or purchase for:

  • Your files.
  • Tax purposes.
  • Legal protections in the event that the buyer fails to register the vehicle or abandons it at a later date.

No Title

In a vehicle sales transaction, if there is no title for the vehicle and one cannot be obtained, a bill of sale is required and all signatures must be notarized.

Indiana Bill of Sale Form

Fortunately, Indiana makes it easy for you to obtain a bill of sale by having the form (Form 44237) available for downloading on the state's website. It contains space for all of the required information so you don't have to guess what to include on the form.

If you want to create your own bill of sale, make sure it includes following:

  • The vehicle's:
    • Make.
    • Model.
    • Year.
  • Selling price.
  • Date of sale.
  • Buyer and seller's:
    • Names.
    • Addresses.
    • Signatures.
      • If there is no title for the vehicle, all signatures must be notarized.

Generic Bill of Sale

If you have trouble downloading the Indiana Bill of Sale form, we provide a free, printable, generic bill of sale form for your use.


Bill of Sale
Use the IN Bureau of Motor Vehicles' bill of sale as proof of purchase for a car or watercraft. Both the buyer and seller must complete this form.
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