Replacing a Lost CDL in Illinois

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Apply for a duplicate commercial driver's license with the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS). You can apply in person; if you're out of state, you MIGHT be able to apply by mail.

The IL SOS recommends reporting your stolen or lost CDL to local and state authorities as soon as possible to combat identity theft. Don't operate any commercial vehicle or truck until you receive your replacement CDL.

In-State IL Duplicate CDL

If you're currently in state, apply for your replacement commercial driver's license in person at your local SOS office.

Be prepared to:

  • Complete an application for an IL duplicate CDL.
  • Provide acceptable proofs of identification and residency.
    • See the state's complete list of document requirements.
    • As a commercial driver, you MIGHT need to provide additional CDL-related documents, such as your medical certification and proofs of endorsements(s). Contact your local SOS office for details.
  • Possibly undergo a driving history check.
  • Pay the applicable fee, which can vary depending on your situation:
    • 60 years old or older: free (with a police report)

You'll receive a temporary CDL until the IL SOS mails a permanent duplicate CDL within 15 business days.

NOTE: Be prepared to undergo a driving history check when applying for a duplicate CDL.

Out-of-State IL Replacement CDL

You MIGHT be able to apply for a temporary or duplicate CDL by mail if you're currently out of state by completing one of the following options:

  • Contact the License and Medical Review Section at (217) 782-2720 and explain your situation.
    • If you're eligible, you'll receive a replacement CDL application mailed to your out-of-state address; be sure to ask the agent about any additional requirements such as fees, providing proof of identification and residency, and sending specific CDL-specific documents.
    • Perhaps consider this as a first option to save some time in case you're not eligible to apply by mail.
  • Use the IL SOS online contact form.
    • Provide all required information, and be sure to include your reason for contacting, your reason for needing a replacement CDL, and your current out-of-state address.

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